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Why Should I Invest in Car Polish?

Why Should I Invest in Car Polish?

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite Direct on March 23rd 2020
Car polish is one of those vehicle detailing products that often gets confused with car wax and that beginners may be reluctant to use because of their lack of knowledge. While both wax and car polish do protect vehicles paintwork, they do so in different ways. Despite these differences, car care enthusiasts should invest in this extraordinary product as it can offer much more than traditional wax can!

What is Car Polish? 

Unlike wax, car polish is not a coating that protects from the elements – instead they extend the life of the paintwork by removing the dirt too stubborn to be removed by traditional washing. Car polish works by lightly buffing off the top layer of clear coat on the paint job, which removes ingrained dirt, surface scratches and swirls and can remove oxidised paint too. Aside from removing contaminants and undesirable markings polishing also primes the cars paint so that it is more resistant to the elements and helps to prevent it from cracking and peeling, assisting in the long-running protection of the vehicle’s appearance.

Hand V.s Machine

It wasn’t too long ago that car enthusiasts believed that hand polishing was the best way to polish a car but now beginners and professionals alike are embracing machine car polishing! Simply apply your chosen car polish to the oscillating buffing head which takes all of the elbow grease out of the task and ensures an even finish free from human error. If you have slightly deeper scratches or marks that you would like to remove with car polish, then book your car in for a professional polish is likely the best solution as detailers and bodywork buffs will have slightly more powerful machines that can remove more of the clear coat to even out the surface.

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