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Why You Should Decontaminate

Why You Should Decontaminate

Posted in NEWS AND UPDATES by Autobrite on May 01st 2019
With traffic levels growing every day, road works cropping up everywhere and pollution more and more evident, car and motorcycle enthusiasts have an uphill battle to keep their paintwork free of contaminants. From tar, iron particulates, tree sap, paint overspray, adhesive residues and exhaust soot, there is a variety of contaminants to deal with, but at Autobrite we have a range of products to remove them all!

Tar & Adhesive Removal

After a vehicle has been fully washed and dried you may find that there are some stubborn tar spots remaining on the paintwork. Using a tar and adhesive decontamination solution you can remove these with ease, without scrubbing or damaging the paintwork or finish. Our specially formulated to dissolve tar on contact, reducing the risk of scratches or scuffs on the paintwork by eliminating the need for working in the product. Our Tar and Adhesive Remover is so versatile, it can even be used to eliminate sticker residue or chewing gum.

Iron Fallout Remover

Vehicle brakes generate hot metallic shards and with increased traffic and more and more cars on the road, the paintwork is more exposed than ever to these tiny pieces of shrapnel that lodge into the paintwork. Not only will these iron particles spot the paintwork of the car but left untreated they will start to corrode and potentially rust the paintwork, causing bubbles and paint chipping. Periodically using our Purple Rain Fallout Remover will safely dissolve these particles before they have a chance to cause any lasting damage.


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