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Car Cleaning – Featured Products

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With another lockdown in the UK, we’re back to entertaining ourselves in any way we know-how, and three months after the initial lockdown ended, it’s probably about time to clean the car again! With the worst of winter yet to come, cleaning in the Autumn can help to keep the car looking good, even with dirty snowfall, muddy puddles, and sludgy leaves to deal with. Not to mention, it will give you something to do at the weekends during November – so what are our most recently featured car cleaning products?

Safe Clean Surface Sanitiser Spray

Even when you use car shampoo for car cleaning, guaranteeing that all the germs are gone is hard. If you’re looking for extra sanitation that is gentle enough for use on the car’s exterior, then our safe clean surface sanitiser is just the ticket. Use it as part of the car cleaning process or take it out and about with you for sanitation when completing essential journeys, for added protection against germs and viruses. We recommend using it on frequently touched areas, such as door handles and boot openings.

Hellshine Multi-Purpose Cleaning Brush

There aren’t many ‘jack of all’ tools in a car cleaning arsenal, but this Hellshine multipurpose brush can be used for everything from machine pad cleaning, to the engine bay and even interior cleaning. Of course, we would never recommend going directly in between these areas without a good cleaning of the brush in between, but this brush can provide a cost-effective and compact alternative to a full detailing brush set.

Paper Floor Mats

There’s nothing more annoying than having just cleaned the inside of your car only for you to soil the carpets the next time you enter. Our paper floor mats can help protect your carpets and keep them tidy for longer immediately after car cleaning or can be stored in the back of the car and only used when you’re entering with particularly muddy feet.