Car Shampoo Advice

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Car shampoo, it’s one of the most widely recognised car care products and almost everybody has at least one bottle knocking around the house somewhere. As a staple product for anyone who has ever attempted to wash their own car, car shampoo can help to keep cars looking in mint condition, without the need for regular valeting. Whether you wash your car every Sunday or you’re a ‘needs must’ kind of person, knowing the right technique for shampooing can save time and money by reducing the trips to the local valeter.

Clean Your Tools

Cleaning your car means having the right solutions but also the right tools. Many people are guilty of using the same media to wash their car, over and over again, without ever thinking to give this a clean in between. If you use dirty tools to clean the car, then you’ll just be spreading old dirt back onto the vehicle and won’t get a sparkling clean shine. Always make sure to thoroughly clean sponges, microfibre towels, and any  cloths you use to avoid scratches and poor cleaning ability.

Use a Prewash

The secret to a good car shampoo? Using a prewash! The truth is, most car shampoos are only powerful enough to clean off a thin layer of dirt and so getting the most from them means eliminating any heavier soiling before shampooing. Using a pre wash product or snow foam applied through a jet wash, simply apply this to the vehicle beforehand, leave to dwell, and rinse. What you’ll be left with a car that is primed and ready to be shampooed.