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Why You Should Get Started with Car Detailing

For many, the thought of car detailing on a vehicle that you own can be a daunting prospect, with lots...

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Choosing the best polish!

Given the increased cost of new car purchases and factor in the specialist paint jobs, metallic finishes, and other exterior...

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How Often Should I Be Waxing My Car?

Car waxing, love it or hate it, is an essential part of car maintenance that needs to be done regularly...

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Why Do I Need to Use Snow Foam Wash?

The name of this car detailing product can be slightly misleading as snow foam wash is a pre-clean treatment as...

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Detailing Kits for Every Car

Detailing kits are a handy and useful bit of kit to have around the garage and whether or not you’re...

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Car Detailing – Near You!

Whether your car has been sat on the drive gathering dust or has been ferrying you and your family around...

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What Makes an Ultimate Snow Foam?

With so many snow foams available to buy, it can be difficult to know which ones are going to be...

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Have You Converted to Pressure Washer Snow Foam?

There are few more enjoyable tasks for car enthusiasts than getting out the detailing kit on a warm summer’s day...

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How To Polish Your Car

As one of the most misunderstood steps of car detailing, polishing is often confused with waxing. While car wax and...

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The Three P’s of Protection!

We might be preaching to the choir when it comes to discussing the importance of protecting a newly detailed vehicle,...

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Exterior Cleaning Checklist

Car care enthusiasts know that keeping the exterior of a vehicle looking its best, relies on more than just a...

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Take a Car Valeting Course!

If you are a car valeter looking to broaden your industry knowledge, a newbie who wants to get a foot...