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How Does Car Wax Protect Your Vehicle

Car wax to many might seem like an aesthetic luxury or a way to make a vehicle look extra shiny...

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When to get your Car Valeted

As detailing service providers, we get asked a lot of questions about when the best time of year to detail...

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Valeting vs Normal Car Wash

The question of whether we should take our vehicles to a car wash or to a specialist valeting services provider...


Car Cleaning – Featured Products

With another lockdown in the UK, we’re back to entertaining ourselves in any way we know-how, and three months after...

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Choosing a Wheel Cleaner

Washing vehicles at home, we rarely pay close enough attention to the wheels and tyres. Whether we’re in a rush...

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Car Shampoo Advice

Car shampoo, it’s one of the most widely recognised car care products and almost everybody has at least one bottle...

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Which Snow Foam is Right for Me?

Most car enthusiasts recognise the importance of using snow foam when detailing a car. Using a powerful formula to remove...

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Cleaning Tyres and Removing Old Dressings

Cleaning a vehicle’s wheel is one of the most important jobs in car detailing and needs to be done regularly...

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Why Everyone Should Own Detailing Spray

Car detailing spray is a bit of an unsung hero in the car cleaning world and has many uses that...

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Valeting Services – Prepare for Winter

When we came up with our valeting services, we knew from the off that one of the packages we had...

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Invest in Detailing Courses

In 2020 many people have been made redundant are or unsure about their futures because of the COVID 19 pandemic...

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Car Waxing For Winter

With Autumn now here we’re all desperately preparing for winter and the cold, wet condition it brings with it. For...