Detailing Kits for Every Car

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Detailing kits are a handy and useful bit of kit to have around the garage and whether or not you’re experienced in car detailing. We have a huge range to suit different applications! If you want to cover your bases and have everything you need to clean, wash, dry and protect a car, there is a detailing kit for that! Or maybe you want to focus on the car’s interior and try and bring the soft furnishing back to life? There’s a kit for that too!

Classic Car Care Kit

If you own a classic car, then the likelihood is that much of your time is spent trying to keep it in good shape. Rust-free and shiny, helping to prolong its life for as long as possible. Made using older materials, paints, and manufacturing techniques, classic cars require a little extra TLC when compared to new cars. So using a specially formulated detailing kit is the only way to go. Containing 2x microfibre cloths, 2x soft wash mitts, tyre dressing. Plus trim dressing, polish/glaze/wax, and glass cleaner. The classic car care detailing kits are a must-have for anyone with an older model.

Quick Shine Kit

Know a detailer who loves nothing more than to see their reflection in the bonnet? Well, our quick shine car detailing kit is just the ticket! Designed to be used at the end of a detailing session, or in between washes to restore shine. This kit contains our all-in-one paintwork polish, cherry glaze, a microfibre buffing towel. Plus the knuckle duster double-sided sponge, and project 64, our gloss enhancing spray. Simply spray, buff, dry, and shine!

Wheel Clean and Seal Kit

This car detailing kit is the perfect gift for anyone who has spent a fortune on customised wheels or simply likes them to look like they’ve just rolled out of the showroom. Wheels come under a lot of pressure when driving and so this kit contains acidic wheel cleaner to remove ground-in compounds and brake dust. It contains citrus wash to remove surface dirt, tyre gloss dressing for restoring colour and shine, tar remover, fallout remover, wheel sealant, waffle tyre applicator, red foam applicator, and 2 microfibre towels.