Exterior Cleaning Checklist

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Car care enthusiasts know that keeping the exterior of a vehicle looking its best, relies on more than just a quick car shampoo every so often. Keeping on top of the appearance of the car gives owners an overwhelming sense of pride, but it also serves a much more important purpose. Regularly cleaning and detailing a vehicle helps to reduce the appearance of damage and increase the resale value of the car later down the line, as well as turning heads in the present!

Start for the Bottom

The tyres are typically the dirtiest part of any vehicle due to constantly being in contact with grimy road surfaces and the fact that this friction generates heat, creating the perfect environment for dirt to stick fast. Starting the exterior cleaning process with the wheels will ensure the heaviest soiling is removed and prevented from affecting the latter parts of the washing process by spraying up and attaching to the paintwork – which is far more susceptible to scratching.

Foam it Up!

Snow foam car shampoo is one of the key car detailing products needed to really clean a vehicle without having to touch it. Contactless washing has long been considered the cornerstone of good detailing techniques as eliminating the need to touch a car significantly reduces the chance of a sponge, loose grit, or contaminants scratching the vehicle. Apply a snow foam to wash using a jet wash and a lance attachment and leave to dwell on the vehicle, where it will get to work lifting away dirt, then rinse!

Wash Away Sins

After you’ve treated your car with the snow foam, use a car shampoo and wash the vehicle with a two-bucket method. This involves using a bucket of water and car shampoo to wash the car and then utilising a second bucket to rinse as much of the dirty water off as possible, before going back to the original bucket. This minimises the number of particles in the soapy water and helps prevent scratches.