Have You Converted to Pressure Washer Snow Foam?

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There are few more enjoyable tasks for car enthusiasts than getting out the detailing kit on a warm summer’s day and using pressure washer snow foam to smother a vehicle in a luxuriously sudsy coating. Second, only to the sparkling clean paintwork that is left behind when rinsing is complete, there are few greater feelings than applying this pre-wash to a vehicle. If you are one of the many yet to be converted to the joys of both pressure washing and snow foam, then let us take you through why you should invest!


Before you can experience the unbridled joy of using pressure washer snow foam, you’ll need to invest in a pressure washer. These nifty pieces of kit not only help reduce the amount of time it takes to apply cleaning products, rinse and clean a vehicle, but have numerous applications around the home. Just about anything can be cleaned with a pressure washer from garden fences and decking through to rugs and soft furnishings. By spraying water at high pressure, these machines blast dirt off surfaces and out of materials, meaning no tedious and time-consuming scrubbing is necessary.


Using our pressure washer snow foam lance, you can ensure that both water from the hose and cleaning product are channelled through the spray gun and onto the surface of the car. By applying both of these cleaning agents in one go, there is no need to physically touch the vehicle at any point, which drastically reduces the chances of scuffs or scratches that can occur with sponge washing. Simply add the foam to the spray bottle, attach to the lance, spray, leave to dwell, and then rinse leaving a pre-washed vehicle that is perfectly primed for the next stage of cleaning.

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