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How Clean is your Car?


Autobrite direct wheel cleaning


To ensure that the work of the car wash is not ruined immediately, always startby cleaning the wheels.Wheel cleaning Brake dust can cause permanent damage to the surface of your rims, so you should never forget the wheels when washing the car. Only thorough and regular care of your wheels will ensure that your rims remain a highlight of your vehicle.For best protection and shine, wash your wheels regularly. Follow the instructions on Autobrite Direct Wheel Cleaner and Autobrite DIrect Wheel Wax.

1. Rinse the wheels thoroughly with high-pressure or by using a hose adjusted to a powerful water rinse.

2. Pour Autobrite Direct Wheel Cleaner concentrate into a Mixing Bottle and dilute to instructions. Mix with water,spray onto the rims and allow to work in for a minute or so.

3. Clean wheels with a Autobrite Direct Large Wheel Brush (for the wheel face) and Ultra Safe Wheel Spoke Brush (for deep inside the rim). Thoroughly rinse off the wheels again with clean water and dry after washing the car.

IMPORTANT Never use Autobrite Direct Wheel Cleaners in undiluted form unless other wise instructed!



wheel wax


1. Clean wheels thoroughly (as des-cribed in “WHEEL CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS”). 

2. New wheels need to be pre treated with Autobrite DIrect Cherry Glaze, used wheels with the Autobrite Direct Detailing Clay and Autobrite Direct Clay Lubication. 

3. Apply Autobrite Direct wheel wax evenly using a applicator.

4. Allow it to cure for 10 minutes.

5. Polish to a high gloss with a Autobrite Direct microfibre cloth.Keep turning the cloth to expose a clean surface.



tyre dressing


1. Wash tyres walls and allow them to dry.

2. Mist a Autobrite Direct Tyre dressing onto tyre surfaces or apply with a Autobrite Direct Tyre crescent dressing sponge. 

 3. Allow to work in for five minutes.

4. Use a clean old cloth to wipe off any overspray or residues on wheel rims, wheel trims or chrome spokes.

IMPORTANT Do not use on motorbike tyres due to risk of skidding!



autobrite direct snow foam lance


1.Unscrew the reservoir and pour approximately 100 ml of Autobrite Direct Snow Foam solution,

.2 Fill it to the top with warm or cold water,

3. Screw it back on to the Lance head and shake the whole unit gently to mix the solution before finally attaching it to your pressure washer lance

4. Aim the lance at the car and squeeze the trigger, adjusting the top dial on the injector head until you achieve the desired foam thickness.

5. Allow the foam to dwell and then rise off



carwash autobrite


A thorough but gentle wash is an ideal starting point for all other work. Without a good quality shampoo, the water alone has no way to encapsulate and “transport” the dirt away.

We therefore recommend a Autobrite Direct Shampoo or a Wash'n'Wax Shampoo, both paintwork and wax-friendly shampoo concentrate's that effectively breaks the bond between the dirt andthe paint surface. Its formula ensures that your wax finish will not be affected.

Insects - The best procedure is to soak a Cotton Cloth in luke warm water and place it over the insect deposits for five minutes and allow to soak or use Autobrite Fly away, bug removal soloution.

Do not rub!. Also do not use insect sponges which may cause micro scratches in the paint finish.

1. Fill two Autobrite DIrect buckets with warm water. Add instructed amout of Shampoo to one of the buckets.

2. Hose the vehicle down with plenty of clean water. 

3. Using a Washmitt or Washpad and generous amounts of water, wash the vehicle from top to bottom, avoiding circular movements. Start with the roof, boot and bonnet. Always rinse the pad or mitt out first in the bucket of clean water and then dip it into the bucket of Shampoo solution before continuing washing. This helps prevent annoying scratches from washing.

4. Rinse off the vehicle with generous amounts of clean water.

5. Dry the vehicle with a Autobrite Direct Drying Towel.



Autobrite Towel


1.  Start with the roof, boot and bonnet working your way down

2. Place the opened towel on the surface and pat down.

3. Move along the one panel at a time ensuring the panel is dry to aviod dry water marks.



autobrite direct purple rain


1. Wash and rinse the surfaces you are going to treat in the normal way.

2. Spray Autobrite Direct Decon Gel "Purple Rain" on liberally. As any iron contaminants dissolve into solution, the initially colourless liquid will gradually turn purple over a period of 5-10 minutes.

3. Agitate it with either a microfibre towel on bodywork and glass or a brush on wheels.

4. After 10-15 minutes, or once the dark purple solution has dried fully, thoroughly rinse the surfaces you have treated with a strong stream of water. If you let the solution dry fully, you may need to use a stronger jet of water from a pressure washer to remove the hardened film.



autobrite direct clay and lube


1. Wash and dry the car thoroughly. 

2. Spray Autobrite Direct Detailing spray onto the surface to be treated and rub Autobrite Direct Detailing Clay back and forth over the surface,applying light pressure. 

3. Make sure any irregularities, such as paint overspray or rust film, have been removed completely. If not, repeat the process until the surface is absolutely smooth to the touch. 

4. The Autobrite Direct detailing clay will become darker over time as it removes dirt. To restore a clean surface, knead the rubber until the dirt has been folded into the interior. Your detailing clay can be reused repeatedly until it is completely saturated with dirt particles.

5. Next, clean the treated paintwork with Autobrite Direct Glaze and seal it with Autobrite Direct wax.



wax autobrite direct


1. Apply Autobrite Direct wax with a Sponge-applicator, Use straight line to apply the waxes.

2. Let the wax work in for several minutes. 

3. Gently wipe the wax film with a Autobrite Direct Cloth and then polish to a high gloss with a clean microfibre cloth. Keep turning the cloth to expose a clean surface.

4. Do not touch the paintwork for 30 minutes after waxing and, at the first opportunity, leave the vehicle in the sun after waxing. You will be able to observe the shine deepening as the hours go by leaving a protected surface.



autobrite direct glass cleaner

1. Spray Autobrite Direct Glass Cleaner evenly onto a clean microfibrecloth and spread over the entire glass surface. 

2. Polish the glass surface well with a second clean microfibre cloth

3. If necessary, buff the surface again quickly using a clean microfibre cloth.