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How Often Should I Be Waxing My Car?

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Car waxing, love it or hate it, is an essential part of car maintenance that needs to be done regularly to protect vehicles. The question of how often car waxing should be undertaken is a subjective one however and is largely dependent on the car and the circumstances. So, how often should you be car waxing your vehicle?

If Your Car is Over 4 Years Old

Typical car paint has a lifespan of 4 years and after this time, the paint quality can start to deteriorate and become susceptible to rust, marring, and swirls. Any car over the age of 4 years old should undergo car waxing at least 4 times per year. Typically, a wax layer can last for 3 months and so requires a new coat after this period. However, certain elements can speed up the degradation of the wax layer so it may need to be done more regularly. Sun exposure, heavy rain, regular car washing, and even road salt all work against the car wax, so if you regularly park in a sunny spot, drive down gritted roads or wash the car every Sunday, then waxing may need to be done more regularly.

If Your Car is Under 4 Years Old

As we said earlier, car paint starts to degrade after 4 years, but this isn’t to say that anyone with a car younger than this is safe from the elements. Regular car waxing newer vehicles can help to prolong this lifespan and so should be completed regularly, if not quite as often as an older vehicle. It is generally good practice to undertake car waxing as soon as you have bought a new car so that you can be assured the clear coat and the paint areas best protected from the elements as possible.  From here on in, as a minimum, our experts recommend at least twice per year.

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