How to Prepare your Car for Spring/Summer

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While the warmer temperatures and longer days bring about a childlike sense of fun to most, the new season’s offerings can play havoc with a vehicle’s wellbeing. After dealing with snow, ice, and road salt in the winter, unfortunately, the summer months come with different but just as abrasive contaminants. To keep bird lime, UV rays, and heat at bay it’s essential to employ the right products and the right techniques. Here’s our handy guide on how to prepare for summer.

 Wash Away the Winter Blues

After dealing with the aforementioned difficulties of winter, vehicles are likely to have accumulated some build-up of dirt and grime, even if you’re a religious washer. Preparing your car for summer means banishing with a good old-fashioned wash. Start the cleaning process by applying a snow foam wash to the whole of the vehicle’s exterior ensuring there is thick coverage on all panels. This will lift dirt away from the paint without the need for touching the vehicle, reducing the likelihood of swirl marks. Then, wash the vehicle using a 2-bucket method and a good quality car shampoo before drying with a microfibre towel.

Protect from The Rest

UV rays can cause fading on a car’s paintwork which is unsightly and extremely expensive to rectify. Vehicle owners can ward off this sort of damage by applying car wax. By creating a barrier between the outside elements and the paintwork, the car’s exterior will be less affected by these harmful rays by reflecting them away. Another element car wax helps to protect against is bird lime, which is more prevalent during the mating seasons of spring and summer. This clear coat will make it slide off the paintwork and prevent the acid in the droppings from damaging the car.

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