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How To Wax a Car Properly

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If you are looking to get a long-lasting showroom fresh shine from your vehicle, then car wax should feature heavily in your car care routine. Whether you’re working by hand or using an electric buffer, our expert car detailers have put together a guide to using car wax to get your panels gleaming with a beautiful shine and a durable protective finish.

Choose the Right Wax

Few of us have the luxury of spending countless hours pampering our vehicles but using the right car wax can drastically reduce the time needed to achieve high-quality results. If you’re short on time, a spray wax is by far the fastest way to apply car wax, and one that contains carnauba car wax can quickly transform dull, tired paintwork into a mirror-like professionally finished shine. Derived from Brazilian palm leaves, carnauba wax is supplemented with other polymers which give the surface of the car protection from damage from the sun, environmental or cosmetic factors and produces a deep, glossy shine.

Pre Polish

For a car wax to work to the best of its ability, the car needs to be prepared, We don’t just mean it needs a quick clean, it should pre-washed, shampooed, dried, and most importantly polished before applying car wax. Polishing a car helps to remove defects like scratches, watermarks, and marring by removing any product build-up and a very small layer of clear coat. The slight abrasiveness left behind by the polishing gives the wax a good surface to sit on and helps it stick more easily to the paint.

Buff Away

After you have applied your wax of choice, moving panel by panel and using circular motions or a rotary tool, it is absolutely key to buff it off. Failing to properly remove wax can lead to dull, white film over the surface of the vehicle, which can defeat the whole point of waxing in the first place. Use a microfibre cloth or rotary pad and remove the wax until you can see your reflection smiling back at you!