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Supersonic SPRINTS - Spray & Rinse Top Seal (SP-RIN-TS)

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Price From: £18.00

Quick Overview

The wait is over, we are proud to present to you... SP-RIN-TS!

The latest addition to SUPERSONIC sealant and protection range.

SP-RIN-TS is a super easy to use sealant offering 3 months protection by simply spraying onto a wet car and rinsing off.

You will not believe your eyes when you see the immense water behaviour!


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Price From: £18.00

Supersonic SPRINTS - Spray & Rinse Top Seal (SP-RIN-TS)

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What is SP-RIN-TS?

  • Water based, cross linking, highly reactive, SI02 based, nano-hybrid, spray sealant to add extensive protection and gloss quickly and easily whilst rinsing your freshly hand-washed vehicle.
  • Protects from UV, heat, oxidation & bird lime whilst adding incredible hydrophobic properties and gloss to all plastic, paint, glass & wheel surfaces.
  • SuperSonic SP-RIN-TS is best applied to a vehicle which already has a coating of SuperSonic SI02 sealant applied. Doing so will extend the life and boost the properties of the SuperSonic coating.
  • SuperSonic SP-RIN-TS can also be applied to vehicles with other sealants/waxes applied adding additional protection, gloss and stunning water behaviour.
  • SuperSonic SP-RIN-TS is just as happy on a completely unprotected car and will add instant, extensive, hydrophobic water behaviour and durable protection for up to 3 months!
  • A nano-hybrid film will bond to the paintwork or any existing coatings to add protection against fallout, salt and general grime.
  • Has a beautiful pineapple fragrance and is ready to use with the provided spray trigger.
  • Can be used as often as you like to “layer” SP-RIN-TS increasing the gloss, protection and durability of the coating.

How to use SP-RIN-TS?

  • Ensure that the vehicle has had a thorough clean and that all surfaces are WET prior to application.
  • Apply product to 1-2 panels at a time. Spray SP-RIN-TS onto the wet panels evenly and then rinse the panels immediately. Ensure that any overspray on neighbouring panels is rinsed thoroughly also.
  • Once the entire vehicle has been treated with SP-RIN-TS use a plush drying towel to dry the car and reveal exceptional gloss and leaving behind durable Si02 based protection & water behaviour.

Advice when using SP-RIN-TS?

  • Do not allow the product to sit on the car for prolonged periods, doing so may cause marking that will require polishing to remove.
  • Avoid applying SP-RIN-TS in direct sunlight or when the surface of the vehicle is hot to touch.
  • Safe for use on all exterior surfaces including paintwork, glass, plastic trim and wheels.
  • Do not store this bottle in places susceptible to frost. If the product is exposed to cold temperatures it may be irreversibly damaged.