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In 2020 many people have been made redundant are or unsure about their futures because of the COVID 19 pandemic that is still having a ripple effect through society now. If you’re in this situation and are considering retraining, then our detailing courses can provide a great foundation of knowledge to build a career on. We have a few detailing training courses available which are suited to different levels of experience and even have franchise opportunities for those looking to start their own businesses as a mobile car detailing specialist!

Tuition Courses

If you have aspirations of becoming a valeter, either as an employee of an existing company or as a self-employed individual, having the right set of skills is key to providing a good service. Having qualifications to back up your resume can make you both more employable and more desirable to customers and so our car detailing courses are a must. Starting at the foundation level, our beginner’s course covers the basics of cleaning tools, solutions, and techniques. The next rung on the ladder is our intermediate course, designed for those who have some skills already but are looking to evolve their practice into more technical abilities, such as machine polishing. Finally, our advanced course covers all areas in much more detail and delves further into the processes required to complete the ultimate detail, different paint types, and interior cleaning.