Is Carnauba Car Wax Good for Your Car?

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Even the novices of the car detailing world are likely to have heard of carnauba car wax, with this product claiming almost legendary status amongst the professionals. Far from just the latest trend, this car wax has been around for a long time, and true purists know that any detailing product that withstands the test of time, must have something special about it. So, what exactly is carnauba car wax’s magical quality?

It’s All Natural

One of the qualities that make carnauba car wax so good for a car’s paintwork, is the fact that is a naturally occurring wax, derived from the carnauba palm tree. The more naturally based a car detailing product is, the more you can be assured that it won’t cause unnecessary damage to the car’s paintwork, compared with synthetic versions which can carry this risk.

It’s Hard

The layer that carnauba car wax forms over the surface of the paint is extremely hard, making it resistant to everyday abrasions like stone chips, scuffs, and weathering. This robust layer is what every car owner long for and helps ensure that they can drive around without worrying that their clear coat is being affected, and the value of the car is maintained.

It’s Shiny

One of the most unparalleled features of carnauba car wax, when compared to synthetic waxes, is the shine. Carnauba is a naturally high gloss, making the finish absolutely sublime. With a wet look, gloss feels to it, it’s easy to see why carnauba is so popular on the show circuit.

It’s Long Lasting

Even those passionate about car waxing, don’t always enjoy the process of applying the car wax. Carnauba coatings can last for up to four months when carried out effectively, so vehicles can look amazing for longer and stay protected!