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Make the Most of Valeting Services

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During the lockdown period, many vehicles were left parked up outside homes and businesses, either unable to move or making very limited trips. While this limits their exposure to certain contaminants such as road salt, over the last three months the full force of the Great British Weather has been felt and we’ve had high winds, heavy rain, scorching sun and even some hail and thunder. All of these weathers individually can be bad for a vehicle, from high winds sweeping in abrasives and UV rays zapping the colour saturation. It’s not just us that need a little TLC after lockdown, so to do our cars….so make the most of our valeting services!

Exterior Valeting

Our exterior valeting service is one of the best packages available and whether your car, van or truck needs a deep clean, this is sure to get the dirt out. First, we clean all the wheels to remove baked-in dust, pre-wash the body panels to remove grime and use fallout remover on the wheels and metalwork to remove brake dust for a superior shine. This is just the pre-treatment phase, which moves onto us rinsing the vehicle, applying a snow foam bath, washing the car using a safe 2 bucket system and then removing any tar spots with our specialist solution. Finally, we look to protect the vehicle and seal in shine by hand drying the entire car, cleaning the windows and mirrors with glass cleaner, applying our cherry glaze car polish to restore gloss and applying Ultraslick for protection as well as a layer of gloss enhancer on the paintwork, tyres and exterior trim. The best part? It costs just £70!

Double Up!

With not many of us spending much time in the car, you might see our interior valeting service as unnecessary, but what better way to gear up for normal life than with a crispy car inside and out? We offer a valeting service that combines the exterior package, with the interior package for just £100, so your car will look, smell and feel good for longer.