Mclaren 570S Outstanding Correction Detail

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This striking black Mclaren 570s was brought to us looking a little tired, The vehicle had suffered from some unsympathetic washes in the past leaving light scratches, wash marring and a general lack of gloss.

We suggested our Outstanding Correction Detail!

Follow our stages below:


Preparation Stages:

  • Wheels cleaned using Britegel
  • 1st Stage prewash using Citrus wash All Purpose Cleaner
  • 2nd Stage snowfoam prewash using Magifoam
  • Safe 2 Bucket wash process using Citrus Pearl deep cleaning shampoo



  • Chemical decontamination of bodywork
  • Tar removal with Just the Tonic
  • Fallout removal with Purple Rain
  • Physical decontamination using fine grade clay




  • Single stage correction carried out to remove swirls/wash marring and minor scratches.
  • Enrich on a green medium cut pad using Dual action machines
  • Spot correction carried out on some more heavy defects
  • MP9 Nano Polisher used for intricate areas
  • Prep – It wipe down on all panels to remove any polishing oils/residue


  • Ceramic shield Lite 3 Year coating applied to all surfaces
  • Paintwork
  • Plastics


Finishing touches:


  • Tyres dressed with Classy satin finish tyre dressing.
  • Glass cleaned with Vision+ glass cleaner and protection


With its stealthy lines and yellow details, it now looks as good as it sounds!



A great package to ensure long term protection of your investment!

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