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How Does Car Wax Protect Your Vehicle

Car wax to many might seem like an aesthetic luxury or a way to make a vehicle look extra shiny...

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When to get your Car Valeted

As detailing service providers, we get asked a lot of questions about when the best time of year to detail...

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Valeting vs Normal Car Wash

The question of whether we should take our vehicles to a car wash or to a specialist valeting services provider...


Car Cleaning – Featured Products

With another lockdown in the UK, we’re back to entertaining ourselves in any way we know-how, and three months after...

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Choosing a Wheel Cleaner

Washing vehicles at home, we rarely pay close enough attention to the wheels and tyres. Whether we’re in a rush...

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Pick up a Detailing Kit

In the modern age, we’re all busy people and making time to clean our cars is a luxury that many...

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Car Shampoo Advice

Car shampoo, it’s one of the most widely recognised car care products and almost everybody has at least one bottle...

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Give the Gift of Detailing Courses!

Christmas is around the corner and if you’re trying to get ahead start on the gifts this year, then we’ve...

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The Autobrite Detailing Light

The Autobrite Detailing light is a portable Lithium – powered light with a high-quality COB LED bulb. Specifically designed to...

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COVID-19 Update

Attention AD Addicts In accordance with the Government’s announcement this weekend we will be keeping our store closed until further...


Which Snow Foam is Right for Me?

Most car enthusiasts recognise the importance of using snow foam when detailing a car. Using a powerful formula to remove...

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Snow Foam Car Shampoo – New Kits

By now you know that we’re huge advocates for the use of snow foam car shampoo as a prewash, both...