Our Car Detailing Packages

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Car detailing is defined as an activity of systematically performing operations and procedures that keep a vehicle in its best possible condition, especially cosmetic. However, this service can come in many forms and packages. At one end of the spectrum is regular home car washing and the other, habitual professional detailing. Whether you’re looking for a quick tidy-up or a more specialised package, our car detailing services have something to suit everyone.

Winter Protection Package

Our winter protection car detailing package is designed to protect your car from the elements and make cleaning easier. It’s well known that the freezing temperatures, increased rainfall, and use of road salts in the winter months not only make a vehicle dirtier but can also negatively impact the paint. Our winter protection package aims to arm vehicles against this by completing a full exterior clean and decontamination as well as conducting hand polishing to even out any existing scratches or defects that could trap damaging contaminants.

Paint Correction Packages

Popular for cars with marring, swirl marks, or light scratches, our paint protection car detailing packages can help to minimise the appearance of these imperfections and improve the overall appearance of the car. This 2 stage process first sees our team undertake machine polishing to remove a light layer of clear coat and produce shiny and smear-free results. We even take side-by-side photos of a panel we have polished and a panel we are yet to do, so you can see the stark difference the process makes. Secondly, we apply car waxes and sealants to help seal in the shine and protect the vehicle from further marking.

New Car Protection

Tailored to brand new vehicles, the new car protection package is only carried out on cars that are brand new and is designed to keep them looking that way for longer. Comprising of a paint cleanse and decontamination, single-stage polish, durable synthetic sealants or ceramic coatings, wheel coatings, glass protection, and exterior trim protection, it can help new cars look better than showroom fresh !