Our Industry-Leading Snow Foam Kit

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Our snow foam kit comes with our award-winning pressure washer lance attachment and a bottle of our flagship AD product, Magifoam and is available to buy for just £40! Heavy-duty by name and heavy-duty by nature, our snow foam kit is used by professionals across the world, who trust in its robustness and ability to complete a touchless prewash with ease, to achieve flawless detailing results.

The Lance

Our HD snow foam lance that forms part of this illustrious kit I designed to massively reduce the risk of swirls and scratches, by removing excess dirt, salt, grease and traffic film before a contact wash. Often referred to as the best snow foam cannon in the world thanks to its durability, build quality and performance, this piece of kit comes with a reputation for excellence which many have tried to emulate. Available with a variety of fitment options, the lance can be attached to many popular pressure washer brands including Karcher, Nilfisk and Kranzle.

The Magifoam

One of our most popular products, Magifoam contains a blend of active cleaners, biodegradable surfactants and foaming agents which make is LSP safe. This snow foam won’t impact the existing wax or sealant protection of the car and creates a long dwelling and stable foam that breaks down dirt on contact and loosens it from the paint. Removing the majority of dirt before the contact wash, Magifoam can be applied and left to dwell without worrying about the solution drying so you can get on with preparing your 2 bucket wash system.

The Kit

The snow foam kit combines these 2 well respected and credible products into one easy to use and purchase package, perfect for those just venturing into detailing or for businesses with multiple pressure washers to run. With the bottle holding up to one litre and the dilution level set by you, this is an economical alternative to smaller models and will cover multiple vehicles before a refill is required, making it a time saving and cost-effective investment.