Correct It! DA3 Dual Action Machine Polisher Pads

Developed and designed for the DA3 and Correct It Range.

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Open cell foam polishing pads, designed with the DA3 in mind and colour coded for ease of use with the Correct It Range. These pads offer comfort and control making the machine polishing process easier than ever.

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Product Description


The ‘Correct IT’ pad range.

A new range of Dual Action Polishing Pads specially designed for our DA3 polishing machine have been recently developed to give you quick, easy and effective results every time! The new ‘Correct IT’ system has been born to make machine polishing easy, low risk and effective along with the colour coded pads and polishes that work perfect together to remove swirl marks, scratches, buffer trails and holograms. The New ‘Correct IT’ range system combined with our Correct IT range of polishes makes it the best polishing system available! The Correct IT pads are manufactured from high quality German foam specially engineered for compounding, polishing and finishing on all modern paint finishes.

The ‘Correct IT’ range of pads come with some very good features indeed. With the open cell foam structure they give you optimum cutting and finishing performance when you need it. A very stable foam structure that not only gives you the extra comfort you need when using the Dual Action Polishers, but gives you excellent finish you need every time! The hole in the centre of the pad also gives quite a surprise on these wonderful pads too. The hole in the pad is a designed to reduce the friction heat that may generate when polishing and dispurses in the middle of the pad, and also makes a ideal centering hole for your backing plates too.

On the pads you will find a 10mm hard foam layer, this also helps with the control of the pad when using them. This layer provides a more controlled and more comfortable feel and does reduce vibration somewhat from the Dual Action Polishers. The features of our miracle pads do not stop though, the pads have a specially designed ‘bevelled’ lower edge that maximises safety when using on the edge and small areas on panels. The velcro hook and loop system ensues a safe but firm holding onto your machine. So there we have it, some excellent features of the new ‘Correct IT’ pads that compliment our polishes Restore, Enrich and Final Finish perfectly! A easy to use simple system that works!


Black ‘Correct IT’ finishing pad 80mm 3″
The extra soft black finishing pad removes extra fine scratches, swirl marks, holograms and marring from all modern paint finishes. Ideal for hard German clear coat and extra fine to fine marks.

Green ‘Correct IT’ polishing pad 80mm 3″
The soft green polishing pad removes fine scratches, swirl marks, holograms and marring from all modern paint finishes. Ideal for hard German clear coat and medium to deep marks.

Orange ‘Correct IT’ cutting pad 80mm 3
The firm orange cutting pad removes scratches, swirl marks, holograms and marring from all modern paint finishes. Ideal for hard German clear coat and deeper marks.

Product Features

  • Developed and designed for the easy machine polishing system
  • Open cell structure with optimum performance
  • Centering hole and reducing friction heat
  • 10mm hard foam layer to reduce machine vibration and give more comfort
  • Bevelled edge to maximise safety when polishing small areas
  • Velcro hook and loop system
  • Colour coordinated with the Correct IT range of polishes
  • 1 x Selected Pad 80mm 3"