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Restore, Clean and protect your car's glass surfaces with our Crystal clean glass kit.

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Everything you need to clean and protect your glass!


  • Achieve unrivaled clarity on your car's glass
  • Easy to use products to clean & protect your glass
  • Smear free every time
  • Deep clean your glass


Clean, polish, and seal your car’s glass with our Autobrite Crystal Clean Glass Kit. Reduce imperfections and wiper marks and improve clarity when driving especially in the rain. Not only will your glass look spotlessly clean, but it will ensure a much safer car due to massively improved visibility.


Vision + is an easy to use glass/perspex/acrylic cleaner and rain repellent. Designed to make cleaning glass, polycarbonate and Perspex surfaces quick and easy while also adding safety enhancing rain repellency to the surface.  £11 RRP


Clear View is an intensive apple fragrance, glass cleaning polish that removes heavy contaminants from glass and perspex surfaces. It removes all traces of bug splatter, oil, grease, wiper marks, dirt, grime, fallout, and stubborn stains and leaves the glass surface clean, smooth & clear. Clear View also removes stubborn watermarks from the glass surface leaving a high polished surface, contaminant-free. Clear View contains no silicone or waxes and improves and enhances drivers’ visibility, especially during wet driving conditions. Ideal for using before the “Repel” rain repellent application. Easy to use, easy to spread, easy to work, and leaves glass crystal! RRP£11.00

Repel by Autobrite Direct is a new superior advanced glass rain repellent that forms an invisible protective shield on all glass surfaces and rapidly repels water and enhances driver visibility in bad weather conditions. Repel will also protect the glass surface from grime, traffic film, salt, bugs, fallout, Ice, and snow, making it easier to clean away.
Repel leaves an excellent durable coating that lasts months when applied to all glass surfaces giving you maximum protection always. Repel will repel water at speeds as low as 30MPH and will effectively repel rainwater from the windscreen without the constant use of windscreen wipers. Repel When applied will not leave a milky and hazy finish when using your wipers and will leave a streak-free finish. Used in various forms of transport such as van and truck companies, taxis, motorcyclists, racing drivers, and emergency services. RRP £14.00

Applicators – Colours and types will vary depending on stock. RRP £3.00 EACH

Work Towels – Our work towels are great for cleaning all glass surfaces. 40 x 40cm 300 gsm RRP £1.00 EACH

Kit includes:

  • 500ml Vision + Glass cleaner repellent
  • 500ml Clear View – Glass Polish
  • 100ml Repel – Advanced rain repelling glass sealant
  • 2 x Microfibre applicators – Colours and types will vary depending on stock.
  • 2x Work Towels – perfect for glass cleaning (40x40cm 300 GSM)

How to use

The ideal glass cleaning kit to get your windows sparking! We have listed a couple of applications depending on the level of cleaning required. Make sure all glass surfaces are clean & dry before application.

Removing heavy dirt/grime, ingrained contaminants, bird stains, fallout etc.

Apply approx 2-3 peanut size drops of Clear view glass polish to The Muscle applicator. Start by working the Clear View polish into the glass surface in tight circular motions, work the product into a haze ensuring light pressure. Leave to haze for approximately 5 minutes and buff off all residue with Enforcer Towel.

Removing haze, light dirt/grime, light fallout, bird stains, smears, streaks, fallout etc.

Apply Crystal Glass Cleaner to your Enforcer glass towel or directly to the glass surface. Wipe and buff with your Enforcer glass towel to remove all traces of dirt, smears etc. Buff until clean and sparking! If remnants and smears are still visible apply a second time.

Now you have all your glass clean, its time to protect all the surfaces with our Repel Glass coating!
Start with the largest window. Apply Repel to the glass surface with approximately 5-10 short sprays. With your clean Muscle microfibre applicator, work the solution into a very light haze (DO NOT BUFF) and leave for 10-15 minutes to cure onto the surface. When the curing time has passed, simply spritz a short, light spray of Crystal to the haze (on the surface). With your Enforcer Glass Towel, simply wipe and buff off all the residue, your glass is now protected! We recommend up to 3 applications per glass panel for best protection.


Mainland UK

Up to 1kg £3.50

Up to 30kg £4.50

Scottish Highlands & Islands

Up to 1kg £3.50

Up to 30kg £9.00


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Great kit, followed the demonstration videos which where great. Windows have come up sparkling for the first time. Repel is working brilliantly.

kevin heath


Leaves glass spotless. Just follow the demo video and can’t go wrong.

donald mateer


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