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A perfect kit for beginners or individuals with a limited amount of time to spend on their vehicles. Easy to use, Quick to apply, Great results every time !


  • 500ml of Cherry Glaze £12 RRP
  • 500ml of Project 64 Spray Sealant £13 RRP
  • Dual Foam applicator £4 RRP
  • The Elegant dual sided buffing towel £6 RRP

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When you have washed your car and are looking to achieve epic results FAST, look no further! The perfect way to introduce some major gloss in no time! A great kit for beginners and professionals alike !

With our Quick Shine polish and gloss kit you have the simple, yet effective products to make your car shine in minutes! The outstanding Cherry Glaze AIO polish to give a deep, rich gloss that will remove light contaminants, oxidisation and leave a shiny protected surface. Topped with our Project 64 spray sealant the finish will be quick, easy and stunning! This is certainly one our most easy to apply & rewarding combination of AD products when time is of the essence & promises a low cost to you.

Cherry Glaze is a all-in-one paintwork polish and protectant that leaves your car gleaming. Cherry Glaze has been one of the most popular, talked about and easy to use product to use on your car and certainly does what it says on the tin! Cherry Glaze cleans, removes stubborn oxidisation, cleans chrome and metal surfaces, reduces light scratches, masks light imperfections and protects!

Project 64 is a highly advanced gloss enhancing spray that offers powerful sealant properties, enhancing colour along the way. Project 64 is an incredibly easy to apply product: spray, wipe over, buff. The technologically advanced polymers within Project 64 offer superb hydrophobic qualities, ensuring the treated surface stays protected for longer. It offers fantastic beading attributes, incredible slickness and a paintwork feel that has to be felt to be believed.

Buffing Towel A short pile side for the application of spray products such as Sealants and Quick Detailers and a plush side for the removal and buffing of polishes and waxes. A true all rounder ! COLOUR OF TOWEL MAY VARY – I.E SUPERIOR TOWEL

The Dual foam applicator Double sided design with hard side for polishes & compounds and a softer side perfect for wax & sealants.  Also ideal for leather cleaners and conditioners, interior and exterior cleaners and dressings. Perfect palm grip feels sturdy when you hold it.
High quality 15cm x 10cm x 3.5cm foam applicator that’s easy to care for and reuse.

How to use

Cherry Glaze All In One, is a product that is ideally suited for the individual who wants a quick and easy way to enhance the appearance of their vehicle.
Making sure that the vehicles paintwork is clean and dry apply a few small drops of Cherry glaze to a foam hand applicator pad, such as the AD Branded red applicator pads. For more difficult vehicles Cherry Glaze can be applied using a Microfibre applicator such as the Muscle or the double sided Knuckle Duster applicator increasing the effectiveness of the abrasive. Apply Cherry glaze to a panel in small circular motions, allow to dry to a haze before buffing away with a plush microfibre buffing towel such as the Guv’nor or Mini Reaper.

Cherry Glaze also works extremely very well when applied using a Machine polisher such as Our DA12 using a soft foam black pad. Apply a few peanut size drops of Cherry Glaze to your Correct IT black DA12/21 soft pad. Prep your area to be polished and work to a approx 2ft x 2ft square area. Start your DA12 on the lowest setting speed 1 and increase the speed up to speed 3-4, then 5-6 until the residue of Cherry Glaze starts to disappear, then work down your machine down to speed 1 and stop machine whilst the pad is on the surface. Pick up your Guvnor, Mini Reaper or Chunky Monkey and buff the residue clear to your desired finish.

Cherry Glazes easy use formula allows for multiple panel application without fear of difficult removal and is dust free. Cherry glaze can be used on warm panels and can be directly applied to black plastic trim to clean and dress.

A must have in any product collection.

Project 64 a little really does go a long way. Spray a light mist over a panel, apply evenly over the area using a plush microfibre towel then buff to a brilliant shine.
Safe for use on all surfaces. Top Tip : Use 2 separate towels, one to apply and one to remove to achieve a flawless finish.




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Up to 30kg £9.00


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Cherry glaze is amazing and so easy to use and the smell and the results are amazing! Then to top it of with project 64 the results are out of this world!! The gloss and the wet look you get are incredible plus the water behavior is also amazing! I cant recommend these two products enough!!

Ashley Field


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