The perfect introduction to the Autobrite range of detailing products.

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This perfect gift provides a great foundation to start your Autobrite Direct collection!

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The Autobrite Gift Kit contains a variety of products. Perfect for getting started with car detailing. Starting with a safe wash, then through to an all-in-one hand polish, glazing, and finishing with wax.

This gift provides a great foundation to start your Autobrite Direct collection.


Our Autobrite Gift Kit Contains:


The AD Detailing Kit Bag

Our Detailing Kit Bag is made from a shiny, heavy-duty, durable nylon material. Complete with a sturdy handle with Autobrite embroidered print, heavy-duty metal zippers with AD logo zips, and various pockets. Plus dividers all finished off with the striking embroidered AD logo in our lovely branded colours!  It holds approximately 10 x 500ml Autobrite bottles or a mix of other sized bottles in the main compartment of the bag, it also comes with an expandable front pocket that opens up with zips which you can store your microfibres, foam applicators, etc. Open the bag and you have a netted/zip compartment to store your damp towels, applicators, brushes etc. Sturdy base and with the hook and loop side walls and dividers,  you can arrange your Detailing Kit Bag to suit you! £30 RRP


Wheel and Tyre Cleaner

Wheel and tyre Cleaner is a powerful non-acidic cleaner that rapidly breaks down brake dust, tarnishing and dirt/grime in minutes!
Safe for regular, risk-free use on all painted, powder coated or clear-coated finishes, and can even be utilised as a ‘spray and rinse’ cleaner on light to medium dirt and grime. £10 RRP

Clay Bar – Fine grade 3 x 50g

Autobrite Fine Grade cleaner clay has been designed to remove industrial fallout, insects, tree sap, tar spots, brake dust, overspray and other ingrained contaminants that appear on your car! It picks up harmful contaminants with ease from the paintwork and glass. It leaves the surface silky smooth and ready for the polishing stage. Supplied as a three pack (3 x 50g bars) and ideal for approx 6-10 applications, our Fine Grade Clay won’t marr gloss plastic and painted surfaces when used correctly . £16 RRP


500ml Quickshine multipurpose Quick Detailer 

Quick Shine QD is a highly versatile product that can be used as a spray wax, waterless wash, show detailer, and clay bar lubricant and can be diluted to suit your needs. Quick Shine is safe to be used in direct sunlight and on all surfaces including plastic, chrome, wheels & paintwork. A fantastic Parma Violet is now added and a pleasure to use. £12 RRP



Vision + is an easy to use glass/perspex/acrylic cleaner and rain repellent. Designed to make cleaning glass, polycarbonate and Perspex surfaces quick and easy while also adding safety enhancing rain repellency to the surface £11 RRP.


Banana Gloss – Concentrated Shampoo

Banana Gloss PH neutral Shampoo actively helps to maintain protective wax layers on your car. great suds and leaves a soft and slick finish. 500-1 Dilution. £10 RRP

Purple Rain – Fallout Remover 

Purple Rain is an intensive pH balanced (pH 6-7) iron-contaminate remover. It removes contaminants upon contact for deeper exterior cleaning. One of our best-selling wheel cleaning products. Purple rain breaks down brake dust that can be damaging and unsightly. Leaving vehicles’ wheels looking unmarred and fresh. £12 RRP

Classy – Satin Tyre and Rubber Dressing

Classy is a water-resistant, elegant matte/satin rubber and tyre dressing that leaves your tyres looking fresh and new.

A stylish water-based repellent dressing to give your tyres and rubber surfaces a new look satin finish. Classy will also care for your tyres and rubber surfaces! Helping to prevent drying out and cracking. £12 RRP


Luxury wash mitt 

Handmade in the UK using the finest quality North American sheepskin with a plush 1″ pile, as used in the most luxurious of cars. £20 RRP


The Ultimate Drying Towel

The twisted loop Ultimate Pink Drying Towel weighs in with a massive 1200GSM and has super water absorbency! Ultra-soft, 60 x 90cm, double sided and premium quality!  There is no match for The Ultimate Twisted Loop Drying Towel! £17 RRP


The Elegant – Dual sided buffing towel.

The Elegant dual sided buffing towel has 2 distinctive sides! A short pile side for the application of spray products such as Sealants and Quick Detailers and a plush side for the removal and buffing of polishes and waxes. A true all rounder ! £6 RRP


Multipurpose foam applicator pad

An essential part of any car care enthusiast’s arsenal, Thick applicators are embossed with the AD logo so that you know you are dealing with a quality product. £1.50 RRP


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