Ceramic infused shampoo that adds protection to your vehicle as you wash!

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Adds ceramic protection from a single wash and actively maintains existing protection products. Part of the Ceramic Shield family from Autobrite Direct.


  • Ceramic polymers that bond with the surface
  • Dramatic slickness and hydrophobic effect
  • Improves colour brightness and depth of gloss
  • Adds to existing protection
  • Dilution 400-1
  • Tangy jelly bean fragrance


Ceramic infused shampoo has been created using a combination of effective cleaning agents combined with ceramic polymers that bond with the surface of the vehicle to give a dramatic slickness and hydrophobic effect after just one use, whilst also improving colour brightness and depth of gloss.

Ceramic Infused Shampoo stands as a testament to the evolution of car care products, combining cleaning power with ceramic technology for an innovative approach to cleaning and protection. This shampoo goes beyond traditional cleaning agents, infusing the vehicle’s surface with ceramic particles that create a protective barrier. As the shampoo is applied and agitated, these particles bond to the paint, enhancing its resistance to environmental contaminants, UV rays, and everyday wear and tear.

The unique formula of Ceramic Infused Shampoo ensures that each wash serves as an opportunity to reinforce the vehicle’s defence against the elements. During the cleaning process, the ceramic particles integrate seamlessly with the paint, forming a hydrophobic layer that repels water, dirt, and grime. This not only contributes to the vehicle’s appearance but also extends the longevity of any existing ceramic coatings or paint protection films, making it an ideal choice for those aiming to maintain a pristine finish over time.

As the market continues to embrace ceramic coatings for their durability and shine, Ceramic Infused Shampoo bridges the gap between routine cleaning and long-term protection. By combining the cleaning action of a shampoo with the benefits of ceramic technology, this product simplifies the process of upkeeping a vehicle’s appearance while offering a tangible layer of defense. Autobrite Direct’s Ceramic Infused Shampoo stands as a forward-thinking solution, embodying the brand’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of car care innovation.

Ceramic Infused Shampoo will work to add a layer of protection to previously unprotected paint or when used as a maintenance product will boost the protective properties of a previously applied wax, sealant or ceramic coating.
Can be used by a direct to mitt application for adding protection as a standalone product, or diluted 400-1 in your wash bucket for maintaining existing protection.

How to use

Usage Instructions

For use as a maintenance shampoo, add 3-4 cap fulls to your wash bucket, fill your wash bucket with water ( for best resulting foam consider using a pressure washer to give a few seconds agitation into the shampoo/water mix).
Using a quality wash mitt proceed to wash the vehicle from the top down following safe wash procedures. Once the wash process is complete please rinse thoroughly.

Detailers Tip

Consider direct to mitt application for cars with little to no protection. Apply a small quantity of Ceramic Infused Shampoo directly to a damp wash mitt and proceed to wash the vehicle as normal reapplying shampoo as required.


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First use of the product, very happy. Can instantly see the improvement in ceramic properties as soon as I started rinsing off my car.



Tried this for the first time the other day. I’m not sure if I did something wrong, but it seemed to leave a weird layer over the car that I had to go around and buff off after drying. I can’t comment on water behaviour yet as the car hasn’t got wet. I love Autobrite products, but was a bit confused with this one.

Ash Ingleson


This is used now inplace of the meguiars wash n wax which had always given me a shine, but the effects were short lived, now I've got this infusion which I use alongside the magiseal and it helps top up the beading, the shine and a smile on my face. You'll be amazed like I was the 1st time I used the Magiseal and used this to cleanse the body.. You will not be disappointed.. Amazing ..

Gareth Tait


Only tried once on my untreated X3 but you can see the result straight away when rinsing the car down, great water beading from the off. I know this will help top up the ceramic shield range now applied to my car.

kevin heath


Need more tries....... I've just tried once but the results are immediately visible. The water behaves like glass surfaces renewing the previous protection. Is not foamy but that's because is not what it was made for, its super sleek and the cleaning properties are good but not great. You need to make a very intense prewash so you can remove as much dirt as you can before shampoo. ?

Alessio Marino


Thanks Tom, the protection left from a simply shampoo is awesome!

Autobrite Direct


Brought to use to help lengthen the lifespan of magiseal, it's not the foamiest of shampoos but it's effects are easy to see as water beading afterwards when you rinse it off has greatly improved. Lovely smell too.

Tom Brough


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