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Ceramic infused Magiseal, spray on foam lance coating gives you incredible gloss and protection!

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Size: 5-litre500-ml


Ceramic Magiseal is a spray-on coating. This water-based ceramic-infused product has been specifically formulated to offer incredible gloss and protection up to 3 months from both low-pressure and high-pressure spray application.


  • Durability 2 months + from one single coat
  • Extremely high gloss
  • Highly Hydrophobic
  • Promotes self cleaning action
  • Aids drying - Easy to use formula
  • Spray application
  • Foam lance application


Introducing our New Formula Magiseal- Foam Lance & Spray on Ceramic infused coating

MagiSeal is a water-based ceramic-infused product specially reformulated to allow both high-pressure application, using a foam lance, or low-pressure spray application! This product will add a durable layer of protection and hydrophobicity to your vehicle’s paintwork.

Spray, rinse, and dry… it’s as easy as that!

MagiSeal can be used on a vehicle with no protection as a stand-alone product or as part of a maintenance regime using other Ceramic shield products.

500ml or 5 litre


Frequently asked questions

What is MagiSeal?

MagiSeal is a water-based hydrophobic coating infused with ceramic properties and functional polymers to promote adhesion to the vehicle surface creating a durable protective layer with high levels of hydrophobicity. Designed specifically for application through a foam lance.

Can I use MagiSeal instead of a wax or sealant to protect my vehicle?

Yes, you can. MagiSeal will provide an adequate level of protection when applied on a regular basis. However, for longer-term protection consider using ceramic hybrid wax.

Can I use this product on top of existing protection?

Yes, MagiSeal is suitable for use over existing waxes, sealants, and ceramic coatings and is recommended as a maintenance product when using Ceramic Hybrid wax.

Can I keep any unused products for my next wash? 

We do not recommend keeping the product once it has been diluted. We recommend making the right quantity of product for each use. 

How long do I allow MagiSeal to dwell?

MagiSeal does not require a dwell time, it should be applied and then immediately rinsed.

Can I use Magiseal from a bottle and trigger? 

Sure you can, our new spray-on formula gives you the same great results! Use via your Autobrite foam lance or spray on!

Important Information:

  • Do NOT allow product to dry on the vehicle
  • NOT recommended for soft-top applications.
  • Extra care should be taken when used on Motorcycles.
  • For best performance store MagiSeal at a temperature of 4 degrees or above


How to use

This ceramic-infused product should be applied to a clean, wet vehicle. Ceramic Magiseal is a versatile product and can be used in our foam lance or as a low-pressure spray. Make sure you follow our step-by-step guide for the different application types. 

Rinse the product thoroughly and dry using a quality drying towel, for a streak-free finish, we recommend using our Ultimate Drying Towel.

STEP BY STEP GUIDE – Low pressure trigger spray application

  • Before treating ensure that all surfaces are clean and cool to the touch
  • Apply out of direct sunlight
  • Use a minimum dilution of 25ml/475ml of water up to a maximum of 50ml/450ml of water for larger vehicles.
  • Spray onto vehicle liberally
  • Rinse thoroughly as soon as application is complete.
  • Dry vehicle throughly including door shuts and seals.

Step By Step Guide

  1. Using our Foam Lance, before application clean the vehicle thoroughly we suggest a diluted pre-wash such as Citrus wash and Magifoam followed by a safe contact wash. Ensure that all surfaces to be treated are cool to the touch and that you are working out of direct sunlight.
  2. When making your MagiSeal solution we recommend a dilution of up to 200ml to 800ml of water to make 1L of solution. The amount of product required will depend on the size of your vehicle. For smaller vehicles, 100ml/400ml water is recommended to make 500ml of solution.
  3. MagiSeal should be applied to a clean, wet vehicle ensuring it covers the entire vehicle evenly but is not allowed to dry!
  4. Rinse thoroughly using a pressure washer then dry using a quality drying towel.
  5. Rinse any remaining product from the foam lance and bottle to prevent cross-contamination during your next wash.
  6. For best results, we recommend the use of the entire Ceramic Shield family of products


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This has got to be the best and most easiest spray on rinse off sealant. I use it on every wash now and the rain and any dirty water just beads up and runs off. I always make sure I have at least the 500ml bottle in my kit at all times. Only need 100ml to the correct amount of water stated on the bottle to coat my range rover sport so 500ml give me 5 washes use.



My bottle was delivered this week and I have just used today. Its honestly unbelievable how good this product is. I own a vehicle with a matte wrap and I have been searching for an appropriate product which will add protection and be safe for the wrap. This is perfect, easy to use and provides a great water bead Thank you

Ben O’Shea


What a absolute fantastic product, used it after using the AD Snow-foam and then used the AD Ceramic Shampoo and it’s so easy to use in the AD Snow-foam lance, this time of using I added the AD Project 64 just to add to the finish, it’s has made the paint work and all the glass including the full Panoramic roof stunning looks like my car is glass ?

Roy Barrett


Want effortless protection/beading? Look no further. Magiseal is so easy to apply and the results are amazing! Just remember to rinse out your lance after use.

Philip Derbyshire


Used this for the 1st time can’t believe how easy this u is s to use. You just spray on and rinse off what a amazing product



They should rename this as Magicseal as this is incredible! This effortlessly applies an ceramic sealant to your entire vehicle that provides amazing water behaviour.



A spray on sealant... it seemed unbelievable that something that didn't need to be rubbed in then buffed off could do anything but try this just once on your cat and you'll probably have the same facial expression as I did and probably everyone else who's tried this magic sorcery lol... It goes on smooth, clinging to the car then just give the cat a really good rinse. You'll see if there's any bits that still need to be rinsed as the soapy white appears on the body which is another added bonus so you know that it's all removed.. Them the magic happens, the water run off and the beading is amazing to watch. I'm sure my neighbours must think I've lost my mind the amount I squirt water on the bonnet just to watch the action happen haha.. I haven't washed the car for 2 weeks now and we had heavy rain yesterday I went out to the shops last night and the car is gleaming yet, the entire body has beading from the rain looks brilliant and I even got asked as I came out the shop how I got such an amazing bead to appear so I recommended Autobrite to the lad..First class everytime..

Gareth Tait


Tried this for the first time today. This stuff is amazing! I was giggling like a schoolgirl watching the water cascading off the bodywork. Highly recommended ?



I’ve used different sealants before (naming no names lol) and think from my experience that magiseal is one of the best in my opinion, it’s easy to use, it gives a very good gloss (depending on your paint work) Plus it’s one you should have on your shelve A*

Chris Clancy


Yet another brilliant product from the AD team This has to be the best product I’ve tried and I’ve got most of the range You would never believe something you spray on and rinse off could provide such great protection to your vehicle ...... but it does!

Dave Worrall


astounding product well pleased use it on my jeep 10/10



Used this on our two cars and is amazing! Has added depth to the silver car that I haven’t seen before, and brought a new dimension to the metallic grey one (already had Abyss paste wax on). I think this gives a more complete coverage than the hand spray on one from your Ceramic range and definitely my winter cheat FSP!

Rob Anslow


Used ceramic shampoo first then this absolutely special stuff would highly recommend 100%

Simon Needham


Used 150ml on my X3 without wasting any product. Very easy to use through the lance with great results. Used in conjunction with the ceramic shampoo and topped up with the ceramic shield wax.

kevin heath


TOP ? ? This one is incredible, you need to try it ?

Alessio Marino


This is so easy to use and gives amazing beading. Would highly recommend this product its one of if not the best product I’ve used.

donald mateer


Thankyou for the feedback Harry, we strive every day to deliver the best products money can buy, and we are so glad that you like the magiseal as we here at Autobritedirect think it is a fantastic product



Was expecting it to be good as it’s made by AD but OMG I was totally blown away how good this product is for how easy it is to apply ! Defo recommend this product ??

Harry Morgan


Many thanks Scott!

Autobrite Direct


A really easy way to finish your wash and leave the car shines and protected. It's very good, but would like an even glossier finish. But so easy to use.!

Scott Williams


We love Magiseal! Its an amazing product! Thanks for your review Cameron!

Autobrite Direct


Great product easy to use.really good for quick easy protection.

cameron thomson


Ahhh Magiseal is such an awesome product. Thankyou Paul for the review, we hope you love the Magiseal as much as we do.

Autobrite Direct


What a great product so easy to use and the water behavior is truly satisfying. Would definitely recommend it

Paul Farrow


Magiseal is amazing! So easy to use to. Thanks Tom for your review.

Autobrite Direct


Was very skeptical about something that can just be sprayed on and rinsed off.... How could it be durable? But OMG this is like the holy grail... It works like nothing else I've ever known.... It's not cheap but you only need to use it a few times a year as it's that good.

Tom Brough


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