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The perfect pre-wash cleaner to remove dirt and grime effectively without affecting your protection!

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Citrus Wash is a powerful yet gentle pre-wash/all- purpose cleaner that rapidly breaks down dirt and grime upon contact.


  • Superb cleaning action
  • Powerful yet gentle
  • Very economical
  • Safe to use on all surfaces inc paint, plastic, rubber and metal
  • Citrus fragrance and pleasant to use


Citrus Wash is a powerful yet gentle pre-wash/all-purpose cleaner that rapidly breaks down dirt and grime upon contact and leaves vehicles looking fresh. It has a blend of deep cleaning detergents infused with Citrus Oil to give fast-acting cleaning, removing the toughest of grime with ease! Citrus Wash is also ideal for removing road grime, bug splatter, moss, and mildew from all painted, plastic, vinyl, and rubber surfaces. Safe to use and very effective, and leaves a streak-free finish.

The Autobrite Direct Citrus cleaner is a gentle cleaner that will clean almost any surface and rapidly remove dirt and grime. Ideal for pre-spraying many different parts of the car. Lower door panels, bumpers and badges, wheel arches, engines & door shuts, convertible roofs, tyres, and pretty much everything it touches! Citrus Wash is also ideal for all types of vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks, etc.

This multi-purpose citrus car cleaner is also safe for all glass and plastic windows and other delicate areas and materials found on vehicles. It can be diluted as far as 1:100 for extremely economical use during summer weather and can be used in heavier concentrations to eliminate even the nastiest of road grime.


Dilution information:

  • 100-1 Light summer use – This is perfect for applying in warmer temperatures to remove the lightest of dust and dirt.
  • 50-1 General Pre-Wash – This is our general recommendation on the day-to-day cleaning of your car, at this dilution Citrus Wash will remove dirt, grime, light traffic film, bug splatter, moss & mildew build-up, etc
  • 30-1 Heavy Pre-Wash – At this dilution, this dilution is recommended for heavy road traffic film, heavy bug splatter, extreme winter salt, embedded tree sap, heavy dirt, mud splatter, and heavy grime.
  • 10-1 Degreasing – This is the strongest dilution we recommend for our Citrus Wash. This is ideal for engine bays that contain heavy dirt, grime, and light grease and oil (for heavy oil look at our Demon) inner arches, suspension components, door shuts, extreme grime, dirt, and traffic film.




How to use

This is the perfect multipurpose cleaner, breaking down dirt and grime and leaving your vehicle looking fresh. 

Dilute the product to suit your requirements and apply a good amount over the vehicle. This product is not just for exterior use, it can be applied in a variety of areas, make sure you have the right tools on hand for the best results.

Step By Step Guide

  1. Pre-rinse the vehicle to remove any loose contamination
  2. Dilute according to your requirements
  3. Apply liberally to the surface to be cleaned
  4. Agitate with a suitable brush if required (Engine bays etc)
  5. Allow to dwell for 2-3 minutes
  6. Rinse thoroughly


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First time at 100 ml to 1 litre water in a AD spray bottle used around the windows rubbers shunts boot engine bay badges and wipes to keep them clean from road grime this is a fantastic product this is my now use pre wash and i even use it on the first stage before power washing the car would recommend it and will be buying a 1 litre next time a little goes a long way keep up the good work AD and got some good advice from kevin as well.



Brilliant efficient cleaner. I mix to the instructions. I use it on the inertia plastics and the tires. also extremely effective at lossening bugs off the front of the car and my bike before rinsing and snow foam,



Love love love this stuff !!! Used with brilliant results on all my vehicles and use it on my tyres with a stiff brush brings them up like new ! Only trouble is my wife has found a hundred and one uses around the home for it too !! And she loves it too so please stock the 25ltr version again please !!



Love love love this stuff !!! Used with brilliant results on all my vehicles and use it on my tyres with a stiff brush brings them up like new ! Only trouble is my wife has found a hundred and one uses around the home for it too !! And she loves it too so please stock the 25ltr version again please !



Amazing cleaning power! Regularly use to help break down dirt/bugs. Especially usefully on my motorbike in the summer! A little goes a long way!

Philip Derbyshire


Citrus wash is a game changer I had never used it before I went on the back to basic course and now I use it every time I was the car as it helps with the initial dirt on the car I always use now

Jason west


The one product I recommend all my friends use; spray on, let dwell, and road grime just washes off, makes the first step so easy to do.

Thomas Paffett


Well this product is an absolute game changer! Decided to give it a go after using a pre wash years ago and not being impressed. Not the case with this one! Citrus wash followed by jelly bean snow foam seems to shift most of the dirt and make cleaning so much easier! I would never be without citrus wash now.

Ash Ingleson


I’ve always been an Autoglym fan, but I have used Autobrite Magifoam for years. I thought I’d give some other products a go, so glad I did! The citrus cleaner is absolutely fantastic! I used it combined with purple rain and just the tonic tar & glue remover, the car looks better than it ever does using Autoglym products with half the effort. Will be buying more, 100%.

Ross Edwards


A fantastic product to pre-clean the heavier dirt on your car before your usual snow foam and contact wash. I have always been a real advocate for trying to safely wash as much dirt off the car as possible before contact washing so once your mitt touches the paintwork the car is nearly dirt free and this product is wonderful for giving you the confidence needed that your not introducing those nasty swirl marks.



Highly recommended product, this tackles the most stubborn grime with ease. I have also used the Hellshine fire all purpose cleaner which again doesn't disappoint. Both products do a beautiful job at lifting off the embedded grime that a normal wash can't remove. To save on product it can be diluted to suit your needs and make the product last longer too. I had some pretty heavy filth on a white car so used Hellshine Fire neat, I was a bit concerned that it would damage the livery on the car but its completely safe and after a reassuring email from Kevin my questions were answered fast. The shine on the car is dazzling and the glimmer at night time in street lights is a head turner.. Save yourself a ton of unnecessary scrubbing, you won't regret it..

Gareth Tait


well my best product bar none it just does an amazing job of removing grim on the car or my work van which gets a battering everyday in lanes etc few sprays and jet wash the van car are clean i mean clean like its had a real wash easy to use and my go to product every time I've tried a different citrus wash from another car detailing company doesn't even come close well done Autobrite.

james davis


What can I say......?? You can clean whatever you want with super ease. Prewash, engine bay, as traffic film remover before Magifoam, door jambs, on emblems with a brush, rubber mats, I even use it indoors for dirty shoes ? and a lot other things, no matter how you're gonna dilute it ?

Alessio Marino


Great product works well at removing road dirt and bug splatter. Wondering now though if this can degrade waxes or sealants? Hoping not as ive been applying to a sealed car



One of the best APC's i've used, got this at my local Autoparts store as recommended by the owner, this stuff shifts a lot of grime/bugs/dirt from my Outback with ease. Also have a spare spray bottle with diluted CW for use around the house, its great in the kitchen & bathroom, as well as the cat litter boxes! Outstanding ?

Iain MacMillan


Great pre wash does exactly what it says, was surprised at how little product you need to dilute so great value for a weekend cleaner like me, will last me a while.

Colin Faulkner


Great product, makes washing bugs and dirt off car a breeze recommend to a few friends.

David Johnstone


Thanks Philip for your review!

Autobrite Direct


Thanks Paul!

Autobrite Direct


Great product works well in snowfoam Lance

paul cole


Amazing product makes life really easy when cleaning the car, removes those stubborn bug splatters in the summer and easily removes all the horrible road salt and grim in the winter, will never be with out citrus wash.

Phillip Walker


Such a versatile product! Thankyou for the review!

Autobrite Direct


Thanks Harry!

Autobrite Direct


Autobrite couldn’t described it any better! Perfect pre-wash just before the amazing Magifoam ?

Harry Morgan


The best pre wash I have ever used .. what a fantastic product gets my vote everyday of the week well worth it if you haven’t used it then get some will be definitely worth it !

Liam Southerton


A great all round cleaner, highly recommended!



So versatile and an amazing product! Thanks Tom!

Autobrite Direct


Thanks for your review Elliot.

Autobrite Direct


Great cleaning power, use it in many places on my car - such as; engine compartment, interior, cloths, arches, etc. Really cost effective, as it can be diluted down as per the instructions on the bottle. I have also used it in the house and I'm really impressed with it. :-)

Elliot dyson


The best pre-wash I've ever used... A must have product for everyone!

Tom Brough


Thanks Jason! Citrus Wash is a great dirt and grime remover.

Autobrite Boss


Thanks Lee! Glad you are loving our Citrus Wash!

Autobrite Boss


Superb product! Really does remove dirt easy!

Helen Wright


I was recommend this product by a friend and he said how good it really was, so I checked their video out and purchased some! Im glad I did, it will now be my goto product to remove dirt and grime from may car!

Lee ogle


5 stars from me! Wow it really does remove dirt with ease!

Jason Lewis


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