Everything you need to clay your car!

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  • Detailing clay bar 1x100g
  • Quick shine ready to use QD 500ml £12 RRP
  • Ideal for glass, alloy wheels, exhausts, chrome and any hard surface
  • Will leave the surface, clean, contaminant free and super smooth and ready for your next polishing or waxing stage
  • Ideal for paintwork and glass.


Quick Shine ready to use Quick Detailer (500ML)

Quick Shine QD is an effective and easy to use clay bar lubricant. Quick Shine is safe to be used on all surfaces including plastic, chrome, wheels & paintwork and is a pleasure to use thanks to its awesome Parma Violet fragrance.

Fine grade clay bar 1 x 100g

Autobrite Fine Grade cleaner clay has been designed to remove industrial fallout, insects, tree sap, tar spots, brake dust, overspray and other ingrained contaminants that appear on your car! It picks up harmful contaminants with ease from the paintwork and glass. It leaves the surface silky smooth and ready for polishing/protecting.


How to use

nsure vehicle is clean and free from tar spots.

Tear off a small piece of clay and flatten it in the palm of your hand to approx 50mm in diameter.

Apply a spritz of Quickshine qd to an area of roughly 30x30cm

Using light finger tip pressure, work the clay backwards and forwards over the area, re-applying Quickshine as required to maintain a even lubrication.

Upon initial contact with the surface some resistance may be felt, this is the contamination bonded into the surface of the paintwork.

As you work the clay panel will become smoother and contaminants will become visible on the clay.

Once one side has been used flip over and use the other side, once both sides have been used dispose of the clay and tear off a new piece.

Once the car has been clayed all over we recommend re-washing to remove any loose contaminants and residual clay lube.

If clay is dropped onto the floor please do not attempt to reuse.


Mainland UK

Up to 1kg £3.50

Up to 30kg £4.50

Scottish Highlands & Islands

Up to 1kg £3.50

Up to 30kg £9.00


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CLAY KIT Reviews (2)

Perfect for someone who's just starting out with clay. It has everything you need and the instructions provided are very useful.

Barbara Smith


An excellent kit for first time clay bar use

Dave Worrall


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