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  • Fine Grade Cleaner Clay (200g)
  • Berry Blast Quick Detailer.
  • Enhance Polish and Pre wax Cleanser.
  • The Guvnor buffing towel
  • Blendz wax applicator
  • A choice of one of our waxes from our Blendz range ( 140g) 


The Cleanse and Protect kit is like a spa treatment for your paintwork! Containing everything you need to give your vehicles paintwork a deep cleanse, !. This kit allows you to choose your favourite AD wax to protect your pride and joy!

This kit contains:

1 X 3 PK Fine Grade Cleaner Clay RRP £16.00

Designed to remove insects, tree sap, fall out, tar, brake dust and other ingrained contaminants. Picks up harmful contaminants with ease from the paintwork and glass. It leaves the surface as smooth as smooth can be ready for the polishing stage. Packed in a 200g bar and ideal for approx 6-10 applications.

The fine clay is ideal for professional Detailers and enthusiasts alike who expect a lot from their clay.  Our Fine Grade Clay won’t marr gloss plastic and painted surfaces like most clay bars will when used correctly. Using clay will leave a smooth clean finish ready for polishing, sealing and waxing. We recommend using our Fine Grade Clay with Berry Blast, which is can be diluted for use as an economical clay bar lubricant. £

1 X 500ml Quickshine Quick Detailer. RRP £12.00

Quick Shine QD is a highly versatile product that can be used as a spray wax, waterless wash, show detailer and a clay bar lubricant and can be diluted to suit your needs. Quick Shine is safe to be used in direct sunlight and on all surfaces including plastic, chrome, wheels & paintwork,. A fantastic Parma Violet is now added and a pleasure to use.

1 X 500ml Enhance Polish and Pre wax Cleanser. RRP £14.00

Enhance is a micro abrasive polish and paint cleanser, designed to rejuvenate tired paintwork by removing residual grime, oxidation, and light clear coat defects such as minor scratches and abrasion marks. Enhance contains no fillers, glazes or waxes and as such can be used together with your regular protection products.
Suitable for both hand and machine application Enhance offers a great finish on any paint type.

When used as a pre wax cleanser Enhance can form a cross-polymer bond with our other wax products to increase your waxes performance.

A choice of any of our waxes from the Blendz range ( 140g) 


A perfect all rounder! Sunshine is perfect for beginners and is very forgiving if over applied allowing the wax to be buffed with ease. Sunshine is our ‘entry level’ wax in the Blendz range, but by no means a ‘cheap’ wax, containing high grade carnauba wax and offering spectacular value for money.

Penny Black:

Penny Black is an ‘old school’ traditional hard carnauba car wax, combining a careful selection of other natural and synthetic waxes with its high-grade carnauba to provide a highly water repellent surface and high gloss levels.

Containing gloss enhancers and some of the highest quality raw ingredients available, it is perfect for visually enhancing gloss and clarity on dark coloured and pearlescent finishes.

2005: Named in honour of the year Autobrite Direct was founded, 2005 is a classic ‘hard’ wax containing a mixture of hybrid polymer sealants and luxury carnauba ingredients to improve gloss, colour depth, durability and protection against detergents, oxidisation and weathering. 2005 is based on our early range of waxes combining the characteristics of obsession and addiction to offer a classic Autobrite Direct waxing experience.


Dazzle contains a combination of high-grade waxes including T1 carnauba to give the insane gloss, glow and colour depth that will surely have the show crowds gathering to admire!

Perfect for show cars and that special something you’ve got hidden away waiting for a warm summer’s day, offering exceptional gloss and water behaviour. Dazzle is undoubtedly the BEST show wax around, amazingly easy to apply and a pleasure to buff off & remove. Dazzle also contains a selection of high-quality gloss enhancing agents, oils and additional wax ingredients especially combined to give simply the best, jaw-dropping, dripping wet gloss money can buy. Add a second coat and be dazzled by the wet look and warm waxy glow.

If you’re looking for the BEST possible finish on a show car then look no further, clear out your trophy cabinet because this wax will have you winning show and shine competitions left, right and centre!


Our best wax EVER and guaranteed to have you singing in the rain thanks to the mesmerising water behaviour! Ballad was in development for almost 2 years in our lab and incorporates  some of the very highest quality ingredients such as T1 grade carnauba  and highly advanced ceramic polymers.
The ceramic content of the wax provides a greater chemical and abrasion resistance than other standard or hybrid waxes, whilst still providing that unmistakable warm carnauba glow. The end result is a wax that has self cleaning properties, incredible levels of gloss and colour depth and a durability of around 6 months+ which is spectacular for a product this easy to apply.

Buffing towel RRP £6.00

A short pile side for the application of spray products such as Sealants and Quick Detailers and a plush side for the removal and buffing of polishes and waxes. A true all rounder! COLOURS OF TOWELS MAY VARY – I.E THE SUPERIOR!

Blendz wax applicator. RRP £4.00

Embossed with the Blendz logo and specially designed to make applying your new Blendz wax as easy as possible. Perfectly sized to fit into the blendz wax tin and contoured to your hand to make applying the wax easy and comfortable. The foam on the bottom of the applicator is soft and gentle to ensure safe wax application.


Mainland UK

Up to 1kg £3.50

Up to 30kg £4.50

Scottish Highlands & Islands

Up to 1kg £3.50

Up to 30kg £9.00


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