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Ideally suited for polishing smaller areas.

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This one step kit is ideal for correcting swirls and wash marks, or for enhancing the overall appearance of more severe defects.

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Product Description

An ideal introductory machine polishing kit, keeping the process simple whilst at the same time offering the ability to correct your vehicle’s paintwork.

DA3 mini 12mm Machine polisher.
Our new revolutionary mini Dual Action 12mm throw machine is going to be the machine that you will always use and the perfect addition to your Autobrite collection! The new DA3 is ideal for the car care enthusiast and professional alike, it gives you outstanding correction from the 12mm throw, and is perfect for those intricate areas such as bumpers, side door pillars, spoilers etc. It’s comfortable when handling and features low noise output. Designed to give you safe low-heat, low-risk polishing.
The new DA3 has a slim and stylish ergonomic design for perfect handling and control and weighs only 1.9KG. It has 6 speeds ranging from approx 2500 – 5500 OPM’s. The perfect 12mm throw on this 3″ machine means you get perfect correction and finishing! The DA3 comes with a 74mm backing plate plus 2 x DA3 pads too – 1 x 75mm Cutting pad & 1 x 75mm Finishing pad. Both pads are suitable for the machine and give great results. The perfect mini Dual-Action machine! This machine is only designed to use the 3″ backing plate provided. Accessories included: Spanner, 74mm backing plate, spare set of brushes, side handle.

Enrich is a medium machine abrasive polish offering the latest technology in paint correction polishes. The unique formulation provides fast, complete removal of car wash scratches, swirl marks, weathered paint, scratches, and similar signs of wear and gives the paint surface a lasting deep shine. Enrich can remove 2500 sanding marks easily and is perfect for medium to heavily weathered paint defects.

Mini Reaper buffing towel.

40×40 Super plush buffing towel. Ideal for removing polishing/wax residue.

Learn more on ‘How to Polish your car‘ or view our range of ‘Detailing and Valeting Courses’ to get expert, hands-on training.

Product Features

  • 12mm Mini DA3 polishing machine
  • 250ml Enrich medium polishing compound
  • 1 x Green Correct It polishing pad
  • 1 x Mini Reaper buffing towel
  • 1 x Pad cleaning brush