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Transform your tired looking engine bay!

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Clean and protect your engine with our Engine Bay Clean & Protect Kit! The perfect Detailing Kit to revive your engine bay!


  • 1 x 1 Litre Citrus Wash APC with foaming trigger
  • 1 x 500ML Engine Protectant with Chemical Resistant Trigger
  • 1 x DBS Detailing brush set in box
  • 1 x 4 x General purpose microfibre work towels - colours will vary (Red & Black).

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The Engine Bay clean and Protect kit is the perfect combination of products to help you degrease, clean and protect your vehicles engine bay.

Our Engine Bay kit includes

Citrus Wash

Citrus Wash is a powerful yet gentle pre-wash/all-purpose cleaner that rapidly breaks down dirt and grime upon contact and leaves vehicles looking fresh. It has a blend of deep cleaning detergents infused with Citrus Oil to give fast-acting cleaning, removing the toughest of grime with ease! Citrus Wash is also ideal for removing road grime, bug splatter, moss, and mildew from all painted, plastic, vinyl, and rubber surfaces. Safe to use and very effective, and leaves a streak-free finish. Citrus Wash is a gentle cleaner that will clean almost any surface and rapidly remove dirt and grime. Ideal for pre-spraying many different parts of the car. Lower door panels, bumpers and badges, wheel arches, engines & door shuts, convertible roofs, tyres, and pretty much everything it touches! Citrus Wash is also ideal for all types of vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks, etc. Citrus Wash is also safe for all glass and plastic windows and other delicate areas and materials found on vehicles. It can be diluted as far as 1:100 for extremely economical use during summer weather and can be used in heavier concentrations to eliminate even the nastiest of road grime. Citrus Wash is a powerful all- purpose cleaner that rapidly breaks down dirt and grime upon contact. £15 RRP

DBS Detailing Brush Kit

Our redesigned DBS general purpose detailing brush set is perfectly suited for your daily cleaning duties. Using 70/30 natural and synthetic bristles for a more intensive clean. These brushes use zero metal components meaning no sharp edges and the textured grip makes handling easier and more precise. Ideal for use in the detailing process. 

1x 16cm Brush. This brush is perfect for exterior use on areas such as wheels, grilles, and also interior areas such as dashboards, air vents, and centre consoles. 1 x 24cm Brush, This brush is ideally suited for engine bay cleaning, door shuts, and fuel filler cap areas. The plastic body and combination natural and synthetic bristle design allow for both wet and dry use without fear of swelling or cracking as with traditional wooden-handled brushes. A firmer blend of natural and synthetic bristles for a more intensive clean. Clean those hard to reach areas easily! £15 RRP

1 x 500ml Engine Protectant 

Engine protectant is a multipurpose engine bay cleaner and dressing. It is suitable for use on all plastic and metal components within the vehicle’s engine compartment. Easy spray application allows for penetration into even the smallest gaps. It provides a long lasting shine on plastic and rubber components whilst also preventing drying out and cracking. On metal surfaces this product provides protection to help inhibit corrosion. The perfect kit to keep your engine looking clean and fresh! £14 RRP

4 x Multipurpose Microfibre Towels 40 x 40 – 350GSM £4.80

An absolute must for any valeter & detailer, a high quality, yet cheap – our all- purpose multipurpose towels are perfect for cleaning, buffing and application.

How to use

Cleaning and degreasing:

Citrus Wash can be used as an engine bay cleaner/degreaser diluted at 30:1 for general cleaning or 10:1 for heavy cleaning/degreasing.

Spray the product directly on the surface to be cleaned, allow to dwell for a few minutes before agitating with a suitable detailing brush. The residual product and grime should then be removed by either wiping the surface or low pressure rinsing.


Dressing and protecting:

Ensure engine is cool, spray directly onto engine components and leave to dry. Over application may cause streaking so we recommend wiping away any excess product with a clean microfibre towel.





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