A suitable cleaning solution for every surface

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Ideal for your hard to reach framework, foot pegs/brackets and wheels. Also perfect for your delicate surfaces such as panels & fairings.

Strong enough to remove oil and grease from all chains. Ideal for removing stubborn chain lube and grease. Also particular good on sprockets and suspension linkages. This brush works great with our Chain & Sprocket Degreaser.

Product Description

Our Extreme multi-purpose brush kit is perfectly suited for all your bicycle and motorcycle detailing and cleaning requirements.

Multiple brush heads are included to suit a variety of surface types. These are easily attached/removed from the brush handles.

This kit contains a suitable brush for every surface

  • Ergonomically moulded plastic handles ( X2)
  • Natural Hogs hair brush head. (Suitable for multiple surfaces such as wheels, tyres and rubber hoses
  • Synthetic Grey bristled brush head. (Suitable for engine casings, radiators and suspension components)
  • Blue Polypropylene heavy duty chain and sprocket brush
  • Black soft synthetic bristled brush for sensitive surfaces ( Gloss trims, TFT screens, Acrylic screens etc)
  • Red super soft synthetic bristled brush for the most delicate of surfaces ( Helmet visors, instrument clusters, painted components)



Product Features

  • 2 x Metal free ergonomically shaped brush handles
  • 1 x Natural hogs hair brush head
  • 1 x Synthetic grey bristled brush head
  • 1 x Blue polypropylene brush head
  • 1 x Black soft synthetic brush head
  • 1 x Red super soft brush head