Prints Of Darkness Wheel & Tyre Cleaner 500ml

The ultimate cinnamon scented non acid wheel & Tyre cleaner for cars & motorcycles.

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Bring on the The Prints Of Darkness! An epic safe wheel cleaner that removes heavy dirt and grime from alloy wheels including motorbike wheels.

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Product Description

Bring on the The Prints Of Darkness!

Autobrite’s Hellshine range was developed a few years ago. We wanted to create a very high quality car care/motorbike range to tackle the toughest of jobs when cleaning your pride and joy. With high quality ingredients and meticulous research put into this brand, we have developed what we believe to be some of the best car and bike cleaning products available!

The Prints of darkness – The ultimate cinnamon scented non acid wheel & Tyre cleaner for cars & motorcycles. Removes heavy dirt, intense grime and baked on wheel dust from the wheel and tyre surface to give you a stunning clean finish. The powerful cleaning action of this product is second to none. We think that it is the one of the best products we have created to date, but we’ll let you be the judge! The devilishly blood red product when applied to the wheel surface really does look like blood running down the wheel! A strong wheel cleaner that will tackle the most evil grime!

As The Prints Of Darkness is a RTU (Ready To Use) product, simply spray, agitate and rinse. If you want to get more out of The Prints of darkness then it can be diluted as far as 10-1, giving you a very powerful and economical product.

Do not use POD on unprotected, bare metal, chrome and polished alloy wheels.
Do not apply POD to hot wheels or in high temperatures. Allow the wheels to cool before use.



Product Features

  • High quality wheel, superior strength
  • Powerful non acid formulation
  • High foaming
  • Very effective on brake dust
  • Ideal for cars, trucks & motorbikes