HELLSHINE: The Demon – Oil/Grease Remover

Remove heavy oil and grease fast !

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The Demon – The Dark, Aggressive and fearless grease, oil and dirt remover!

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Product Description

The Demon – The Dark, Aggressive and fearless grease, oil and dirt remover! The Demon Removes thick grease and oil fast by dissolving the deposits instantly with a quick spray of this magical product! Many degreasers on the market today simply won’t remove grease and oil, The Demon will and will remove it forever – be gone with The Demon!

The Demon is perfect for all oily engine bays, bike chains, perfect for removing oil and grease from chassis legs, suspension legs, brake pipes, door hinges and parts etc, in fact if its covered in grease and oil The Demon will destroy it!

Now the Demon comes with a Chemical resistant trigger for better coverage and a longer durable life.

Important Information:

Do not leave The Demon to dry on plastic parts, when applied, agitate and rinse immediately.
Rinse with a open-ended water hose or a pressure rinse on the areas treated. Proceed with extreme caution when rinsing your engine or parts. Please make sure you cover up any electrical parts/boxes or mechanical parts where water ingress may cause damage when rinsing.
Pressure washing engine bays are carried out by the owners risk. 

Product Features

  • Heavy oil and grease remover
  • Rapidly breaks down stubborn dried on grease
  • Ideal for engines & parts
  • Fast acting formula
  • Agitate The Demon for best results