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Just Wheels – wheel shampoo uses a premium formulation of highly concentrated cleaners and degreasers to specifically target brake dust and road grime!

Its high foaming action is an aid to lubrication while cleaning your wheels to ensure a safe clean on even the most sensitive wheel finishes.

It’s this high foaming action that also makes Just Wheels suitable for application via a pump sprayer for an even easier wheel cleaning experience. Application in this way can increase contact time allowing for the product to safely lift and encapsulate dirt and brake dust.

Just Wheels shampoo is a superb way to quickly restore the fresh clean look of your alloys.

A must-have product especially if your wheels have previously been protected or ceramic coated.

How to use

Using Just Wheels Shampoo is a straightforward and effective way to bring out the brilliance in your vehicle’s wheels. To begin, make sure your wheels are cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight. Start by rinsing the wheels with water to remove loose dirt and debris. For particularly dirty wheels, a pre-rinse with a pressure washer can help loosen grime more effectively.

Once the initial rinse is complete, shake the bottle of Just Wheels Shampoo to ensure an even distribution of the product. Depending on the level of dirt and the size of your wheels, dilute the shampoo in a bucket of water as directed on the label. Using a dedicated wheel brush or mitt, dip it into the soapy water and gently agitate the solution to create suds. Work the brush or mitt over the surface of each wheel, paying close attention to intricate areas and hard-to-reach spots. The advanced formula of Just Wheels Shampoo helps lift brake dust, road grime, and other contaminants while being gentle on wheel finishes.

After thoroughly cleaning each wheel, rinse them off with a steady stream of water to remove all traces of shampoo and lifted dirt. Make sure to use a separate rinse bucket to clean your brush or mitt during the process to prevent reintroducing dirt onto the wheels. Finally, dry the wheels using a clean microfiber towel or drying cloth to prevent water spots and leave a gleaming finish. Autobrite Direct’s Just Wheels Shampoo is designed to simplify and enhance the wheel cleaning process, ensuring your vehicle’s wheels stand out with a renewed shine.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Just Wheels offers a higher dilution of lubrication while cleaning making it perfect for the most sensitive of finishes, reducing the chance of swirling while retaining a high level of cleaning power.

Just Wheels was developed specifically with this in mind, to remove dirt and grime without degrading protection. Perfect for regular use on protected wheels.

Although just wheels isn’t designed to be “sprayed” like a conventional wheel cleaner, application using a foaming/non-foaming pump sprayer is perfectly fine.

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I really like how this product is a specific shampoo for your wheels, I have diamond cut wheels and like to take care of them. A very good product!



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