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Product Description

Kranzle Profi 160TST Pressure Washer is one of the best pressure washers you can buy. The integrated water tank not only protects the pump from inadequate water supplies but increases the usable pressure at the lance by approximately 30% with the added feature of high pressure detergent facility.

The tank can be removed in seconds without the need of any tools so that you can connect a suction hose direct to the pump to draw water from up to 2.5 metres depth from a water butt, tank, swimming pool or even the ocean. (Yes, you can run salt water through Kranzle pumps!).

A major advantage to the new generation of pressure washer from Kranzle is that you can clean with detergents and degreasers at high pressure.  This is a big help when cleaning engine compartments, gearboxes or doing pre MOT cleaning on HGVs.  It also increases the effectiveness of cleaning where hygiene and BIO-SECURITY is essential such as on farms, in areas with livestock, kennels or any food handling areas.

Why the Profi 160 has 30% more power than a conventional pressure washer: 

Conventional pressure washers have low pressure chemical injectors on the outlet of the pump so that detergent can be sprayed when you open a valve on the lance.  These injectors act like a choke and even when you are not using chemical you get a pressure drop of about 30% – meaning the pressure you see on the gauge is not the pressure you are getting at the lance. When you open the detergent valve on a Profi the detergent is drawn in with the water by the pump and sprayed at high pressure. This means no loss of performance and no need for an injector. With the Profi the pressure you see on the gauge is the pressure you get at the lance.

The water tank on a Profi also protects the pump from being starved of water.  On a conventional pressure washer attached to a tap via a hose if there is not enough water flow to the pump the pistons inside are held forward by the vacuum that forms on the inlet. This causes knocking in the transmission and serious damage to the pump if not rectified. The water tank on the Profi acts as a buffer between the water mains and the pump and compensates for fluctuations in the supply – protecting the pump.

Technical Specification of the Kranzle Profi 160TST

  • Includes Dirt Killer Lance
  • Operating pressure 140 bar/2100 psi
  • Water flow 11 Ltrs/Min. @ 1400 rpm
  • Removable water tank for increased performance but easy converstion to suction mode.
  • Max inlet water temp 60oc
  • Max height for direct suction 2.5 m
  • Built in bigger hose reel with 15 m rubber coated steel braided high pressure hose.
  • High pressure chemical/detergent system with no loss of power.
  • Automatic stop start.
  • 5m power cable.
  • Storage locations for gun & lances
  • Supply 230-240v 1ph 50 Hz
  • Connection load 3.2 kw
  • Motor output 2.5 kw
  • Weight 41 kg
  • Dimensions 355 x 375 x980 mm

Product Features

  • Superior high German quality machine
  • Durable design
  • Industrial & commercial use
  • Built in water tank
  • With Dirtkiller