Kranzle Quadro 11/140TST High Pressure Washer

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Product Description

An advanced high performance machine with more than 30% more power at the nozzle, high pressure detergent, a built in water tank and full auto stop start.
Suitable for medium to heavy demanding commercial / industrial usage. (6 to 8 Hrs a day, continuous).

These machines are solid, reliable and high powered. The electric motors in this range are 4 pole induction motors perfectly matched to the needs of the pump. The speed of the motor is 1400 rpm which means the pumps work more efficiently and quieter. They can also be connected to a hot water supply if required.

The larger valve casings have six valves all of which have stainless steel seats, springs and poppers. Quality is all important to Kranzle and these machines are built to give outstanding performance coupled with long life and reliability to even the most demanding of users.

The Quadro 11/140 is available with a built in hose reels with 15 metres of steel braided high pressure hoses. This gives you greater cleaning range than the standard 10 metre hose and saves money from damaged hoses being kinked or left lying on the floor to be run over. The trigger gun and lances can also be safely stored with the machine in special slots within the casing.

The operating pressure of the machine can be easily adjusted and the Dirt Killer lance produces a very aggressive spinning pencil jet that effectively doubles the impact of the spray for faster and deeper cleaning of stone work and heavy plant.

The new Quadro pressure cleaners have integrated water tanks allowing the pump to draw in detergents on the inlet side. This means there is no loss of power due to the need of an injector on the outlet of the pump as with traditional pressure washers. So when the pressure gauge on a Quadro reads 140 bar then that is what you have at the nozzle. The pressure gauge on pressure washers reads pump pressure not the pressure of the jet at the nozzle, so a traditional pressure cleaner with a chemical injector fitted will only be giving you 100 bar pressure at the nozzle even though it is showing 140 bar pump pressure – that’s over 30% wasted energy!

The other advantages of the Quadro’s water tank is that you can don’t have to drop the pressure to spray detergents, this can save you time and money and because the tank acts as a buffer the pump is protected from damage caused by an insufficient water supply.

Operating pressure 140 bar/2100 psi fully adjustable
4000 psi equivalent pressure with the Dirt Killer
D/K Nozzle 25045, Special Flat jet 04
Water flow 11 Litres/Min. @ 1400 rpm
Water tank size 7 Litres
Max inlet water temp 60oc
Max height for direct suction 2.5 m
Built in hose reel with 15 m rubber coated steel braided high pressure hose
High pressure chemical/detergent system with no loss of power.
Automatic stop start
Supply 230-240v 13 amps 1ph 50 Hz
Connection load 3.2 kw
Motor output 2.3 kw
Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 590 x 360 x 850 mm

Product Features

  • Integrated trolley
  • Integrated hose drum with foldable crank
  • Operating pressure 140BAR 11LPM
  • Total Stop system
  • Integrated hose drum with 15M steel braided hose