Enhancement & Protection Package

Restore your paintworks gloss and add protection

From £250.00

The Enhancement and Protection Package will enhance colour, gloss and clarity by approximately 50-60%. Deeper swirls marks and scratches may see some reduction in severity on our Single Stage Package, but please look at our other, more in depth packages for removal of deeper swirls/defects.

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Product Description

Our Enhancement and Protection Package is designed to remove light swirling, oxidization, and wash marring restoring a high gloss finish to your cleaned and prepared paintwork. Ideally suited to well cared for/newer vehicles. The car receives our professional wash process and full decontamination which includes clay bar to remove any bonded particles from the surface.

We polish the paintwork with a variety of different machine polishers combined with a medium abrasive/ finishing compound to remove swirling and wash marring, restore gloss and remove any visible oxidation which cleans and leaves the paintwork ready for any protection to be applied.


What’s Included As Standard

  • Full exterior vehicle cleanse and decontamination
  • Single stage paint correction/enhancement
  • Synthetic sealant coating applied (Approx 4 month protection)
  • High temp wheel sealant applied to wheel faces
  • Glass cleaned and sealed
  • Exterior trims and tyres dressed
  • Courtesy vacuum
  • Complimentary floor mat and Air freshener