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An effective and economical way to clean a variety of wheel and tyre types.

500ML, 1 Litre, 5 Litre
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Wheel and tyre cleaner is a powerful non acidic cleaner that rapidly breaks down brake dust, tarnishing and dirt/grime in minutes!

Safe for regular, risk-free use on all painted, powder coated or clear-coated finishes, and can even be utilised as a ‘spray and rinse’ cleaner on light to medium dirt and grime.

Your wheels have to stand up to some of the harshest conditions of any part of a vehicle. Regular cleaning with a suitable non acidic wheel cleaner can help to maintain the finish and also help in preventing early onset corrosion from ruining the look of your rims.

Wheel and Tyre cleaner can also be safely agitated with your favourite detailing brushes/mitt for a deep clean. Allowing you to reach into those hard to reach areas such as inside barrels and wheel nut recesses.

Product Description

Wheel and tyre cleaner is a powerful non acidic cleaner that rapidly breaks down the heaviest of brake dust, tarnishing, dirt and grime in minutes!

The addition of carefully selected brightening agents and powerful degreasing/cleaning agents ensure your wheels are kept looking at their best.

In a lot of cases Wheel and Tyre cleaner can be applied to the alloy wheel and then rinsed under pressure with no agitation needed, the power of this product makes light work of cleaning your alloy wheels even with the most stubborn brake dust, grime and dirt. In some cases,  we recommend you apply to the alloy wheel and leave for a couple of minutes to penetrate into the dirt before agitating with your favourite wheel brushes.

If your vehicle has specialised finish wheels such as chrome or highly polished wheels do not allow the product to dry out. We do recommend you always try on an inconspicuous area before use. As always with all of the Autobrite range of products our Wheel and Tyre cleaner is bio-degradable and not harmful to the environment.

Wheel and Tyre Cleaner can diluted up to 20-1 for light cleaning, 10-1 for general cleaning and as low as 2-1 for heavy cleaning and degreasing to remove the most stubborn, baked on brake dust and grime.


Product Features

  • Can be diluted up to 20-1
  • Powerful non acidic Formula
  • Safe on all plastic trims, clear coated and painted alloy wheels
  • Can also be used to deep clean tyres as preparation for tyre dressings
  • Very effective against brake dust
  • Does not degrade wheel wax or wheel sealant when used correctly
  • Pleasant grape fragrance