Protect you vehicle from the elements this winter !

From £200.00

A winter protection detail will not only protect your vehicle from the elements during the harsh winter months but will also make cleaning much easier, allowing you to remove salt residue and traffic film much faster!

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Product Description

During the winter months, freezing temperatures take their toll on your paintwork with over 3 months of freezing rain, snow, ice and severe road salt. This is the time when you need your car protected. What better way to protect your pride and joy than with the Autobrite Direct Winter Protection Detail. This will protect your paintwork, restore gloss and protect through the harsh winter conditions. Our winter detail will also make your vehicle easier to keep clean throughout the winter months with our expert protection that is applied to your car, ideal when cleaning is not possible as regularly in cold weather.

What’s Included As Standard

  • Full exterior cleanse and decontamination
  • Hand polish carried out to rejuvenate the paintwork
  • Durable ceramic infused wax applied to all painted surfaces
  • Multiple layers of sealant applied to all exterior glass
  • Multiple coats of Blendz High temperature wheel sealant applied to wheel faces.
  • Fabric sealant applied to carpet floor mats where applicable
  • Complimentary interior dry vac
  • exterior plastics and tyres dressed