Red Velvet Cake Car Shampoo

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To celebrate our anniversary in 2020, we’ve developed a brand-new product in the form of our Red Velvet Cake Car Shampoo! Smelling delicious and producing a thick, luxurious foam akin to cake frosting, this fantastic product is one of our best conceptions yet and we’re pleased to introduce it to all of our customers new and old.

Why Red Velvet?

All manner of celebrations calls for a cake, be it a wedding, birthday our annual holiday and we feel that our anniversary should honour the age-old tradition, but of course, with an Autobrite Twist. Instead of indulging in a slice of the pie, we’ve infused one of the most popular cake flavours into our latest car shampoo making it smell absolutely divine and giving the users a treat for the senses as they wash their car. Unlike a traditional cake though, this product will feed your appetite for a long time, with a dilution rate of 500-1 it will keep going and going long after our celebration is over!

How to Use

Just like our other car shampoos in the range, simply add Red Velvet Cake to a bucket of water to start the bubbles and once you’ve reached the required dilution, use the 2-bucket method to wash your car. Starting with the first bucket, filled with shampoo, spread those delicious smelling suds over the surface of the car in a circular motion, where it will get to work lifting off dirt and eating through the grime. Next, using the second bucket, rinse the suds away with fresh, clean water for a car that looks and smells amazing.

The Cherry on Top

What makes this car shampoo so good is that it is a pH-neutral formula that cleans and maintains at it goes, meaning it won’t affect any existing sealant or wax protection on the vehicle. It even imparts a layer as it goes that helps to enhance the protection, so you don’t have to worry about immediately waxing or polishing.