Sakir Orange BMW M4 Enhancement detail

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A few months ago we had this awesome BMW M4 in beautiful Sakir orange with us for one of our enhancement detail packages, the vehicle was completed and handed back to our customer. Fast forward a few months and after a routine visit to the main dealer for fitment of a few extras followed by the main dealer wash meant the vehicle was back with us looking less than perfect!

After a quick inspection, it was apparent that more machine polishing work would be required to rectify and remove the wash marring and swirl marks that had been left by the poor wash technique.

So was it back to square one? Well due to the fact that we had previously corrected the deeper defects the paintwork was still looking glossy and was only spoiled by the lighter wash marring and surface swirling so only light machine polishing would be needed to get the paintwork back to where it needed to be. Our DA21 Machine polisher together with Enrich from our Correct It! range would be perfectly suited for the task, Enrich with its diminishing abrasive technology would allow us to remove the light defects whilst being kind to the clear coat and polishing to a high gloss finish.

After just a few hours we had the paintwork back to a point where we were happy. after an IPA wipedown, we were ready for some protection!

Deep in the R&D department, we found our perfect product, our very own Autobrite Direct ceramic coating! A 3-year coating that’s easy to use and delivers outstanding gloss and protection.

After leaving the coating to cure overnight the finishing touches were added to the M4, the glass got the Crystal treatment with the windscreen being treated to some Ghost rider protection, the tyres were treated with Well Dressed tyre gel to give them that fresh look and finally the exhaust was polished using Metalworx for an outstanding shine!

All in all one of the finest looking BMW M4s around thanks to that beautiful Sakir orange paint further enhanced by our ceramic coating.

Keep ’em peeled for the Ceramics release and remember guys always use those ” Do not wash” hangers every time you go in for a service !!