Snow Foam Wash Tactics

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We’ve put together a few snow foam wash tactics that will help you, and make using your snow foam lance easier. Just like snowfall in the winter, a layer of snow foam pre-wash is great to look at. But it helps to clean away grime from the streets and leaves behind an air of freshness. There is one key difference though – snowfall can be a pain for car drivers. As difficulties with driving, snow leaves dirty watermarks on a vehicle. Whereas snow foam pre-wash removes dirt and is great to have around.
One of the best things about snow foam is that it’s quick and easy to use. Almost any car can benefit from a thick layer of snow foam. Yet, some tactics can be employed to take your cleaning up a notch.
Here are our Snow Foam Wash Tactics or Tips, to help you get the most from your equipment and products:

Find the Right Setting

Snow foam prewash is applied using a snow foam cannon. This is a specially formulated attachment for a pressure washer. The majority of snow foams come in a concentrated formula, which requires diluting with water. This allows the pressure washer to create a thick foam, which lifts the dirt away. For best results, a pressure washer rated between 125- 220 bar should be used. Optimal water flow should be 420 litres per hour, for snow foam application.
Snow foam cannons have adjustable settings that determine the level of dilution of the product. You may need to experiment with these levels. To find the right thickness, suitable for the level of dirt on a vehicle.

Clean Your Equipment

As the saying goes, ‘a bad workman blames his tools’. But in the case of car detailing, this is also true. The tools used to apply products are just as important as the products themselves.
Ensure you take care of your snow foam pre-wash cannon and jet wash, to consistently achieve high-level cleaning. Washing and drying the cannon properly will ensure there is no soap build-up. We recommend dismantling the cannon, cleaning and drying each individual part before re-assembling.