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When undertaking some car cleaning there are times where a standard car shampoo just isn’t quite what you’re looking for. Whether that’s because you’ve got an extra thick layer of grime to remove or because you want a shampoo combo that works to make your car look the best that it can be, there is a range of car shampoos that can clean, enhance, and wax so that you can achieve the desired results in one easy step!

Hellshine – The Bane Blade.

We’re all guilty of letting a vehicle get a little bit too dirty, so much so that the colour of the paint is hard to distinguish. While you may think that buckets of car shampoo would be needed to tackle the sheer amount of grime – you’re wrong, the bane blade is just the trick. This pH neutral shampoo slides through the dirt like a blade through butter and is safe to use on all paint, metal, chrome, trim, leather, and wheel surfaces, so you can remove filth from all over the car with just one product

Citrus Pearl – Ultimate cleaning shampoo.

If you have a matt finish vehicle or are planning to add wax or sealant to your paintwork you may not want a shampoo that provides additives in the way of waxes or gloss enhancers! Citrus Pearl Ultimate cleaning Shampoo has been formulated to clean the dirt, grime, and road film from your paintwork, A pure cleaner with no added gloss enhancers or protection, Citrus pearl is suitable for use on all paint types inc Matt finishes, and vinyl wraps. With a concentration level of up to 400-1 this product makes it a very economical product to use for all your washing needs.

Purple Velvet – Luxury finish high gloss shampoo

If you want a shampoo that does it all then Purple Velvet is the one for you! This luxury high foam shampoo gives masses of suds, cause that’s what we like! cleans effectively with its thick lubricating formula and leaves a great glossy finish, and best of all is has a massive 1500-1 dilution ratio!

What does this mean? You will only require approx 10 ml of shampoo per wash, meaning at 1 wash per week 500ml will last approx 12 months!

That’s why Purple Velvet is our most popular shampoo!

Banana Gloss – High gloss shampoo

Almost an Autobrite institution! Banana Gloss shampoo is a firm favorite of mine, with its amazing banana fragrance, slick suds and warm afterglow it really suits solid colours giving a beautiful just waxed appearance.


Ceramic infused shampoo

The latest addition to our shampoo range is from our Ceramic Shield family of products.

Ceramic infused shampoo has been created using a combination of effective cleaning agents combined with ceramic polymers that bond with the surface of the vehicle to give a dramatic slickness and hydrophobic effect after just one use whilst also improving colour brightness and depth of gloss. Ceramic Infused Shampoo will work to add a layer of protection to previously unprotected paint or when used as a maintenance product will boost the protective properties of a previously applied wax, sealant, or ceramic coating.

Ceramic Infused Shampoo is a low foam shampoo that still maintains a great level of lubricity necessary for the safe removal of dirt and debris from vehicle surfaces.


So why not give them a try and find your favorite Autobrite shampoo!



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