Step 1 – Wheels

Step 1Wheels and Tyres

The first step of our ‘6 steps of car detailing’ plan is to give some attention to your wheels and tyres as these are your car’s points of contact with the road surface.

These areas are often the worst affected parts of the car and become very easily caked in brake dust and dirt from day to day driving, so targeting them first will help ensure that they don’t contaminate other areas of the car later on in the car cleaning process.

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Wheel Cleaning

Select your chosen wheel cleaner, then use a bucket with your wheel brushes or mitts to work the solution into the surface of your alloys, rinsing off once you are satisfied the grime has been busted. Once finished, dry with a suitable towel or air blower.

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All tyres should also be cleaned using a suitable all-purpose cleaner such as Citrus wash with a firm brush. This step will ensure a longer-lasting bond with your chosen tyre dressing.

Wheel sealants can also be applied. These will not only make your rims look great but will protect them from road salt and dirt build-up, making future cleaning much easier!

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