Step 2 – Wash

Step 2Wash

Wash away your sins with step 2 of our 6 steps of detailing. Washing your car’s exterior is arguably the most recognisable step of vehicle detailing, but are you doing it the Autobrite way? Our 3-part wash process is the best way to a swirl-free finish!

Before beginning your exterior wash process, ensure that heavily soiled areas such as engine bays, fuel filler flaps, and door shuts are suitably cleaned to minimise the risk of debris transfer onto the paintwork. These areas should be attended to first if you plan on including these in your wash process.

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Part 1 – Citrus Wash ( All purpose cleaner/APC)

Citrus wash is applied to the vehicle to aid in the removal of road traffic film and grime build up specifically on the lower areas of the vehicle. The product is then left to dwell for a few minutes before being pressure rinsed.

Part 2 – Snow Foam Pre Wash

Applied through a snow foam lance pressure washer attachment. This pressured application creates a thick foam that clings to the dirt on the surface of the vehicle, removing most of the dirt without the need for contact. Leave to dwell then rinse.

Part 3 – Safe Contact Wash

The most common wash technique. A safe wash is achieved by ensuring as much dirt and debris as possible is removed from the vehicle prior to contact. This is done by following parts 1 and 2 before selecting our preferred shampoo and wash media to remove the last remnants of grime using the 2 bucket wash method.

When the wash stage is complete, dry the vehicle with a suitable drying towel unless further decontamination is required.

Recommended wash products