Step 3 – Decon

Step 3 – Decon

Step 3 


Decontaminating a vehicle, simply put, removes the impurities and imperfections that washing cannot, using a range of specially formulated products.

While daily grime, dust, and debris can be easily cleaned off, contaminants such as brake dust, water spots, industrial fallout, and even old layers of wax can bond to the paintwork, spoiling an otherwise flawless finish.

Decontamination generally falls into two categories.

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Chemical decontamination

Removing contaminants using chemicals alone. This step can include removing road tar and light iron fallout from all surfaces of the vehicle and may require regular maintenance depending on driving conditions.

Physical Decontamination

This process involves physically removing particles that are bonded to the vehicle’s paintwork or clearcoat. Physical decontamination is carried out using fine or heavy grade clay bars to essentially pull the remaining contaminants from the surface ensuring a perfectly smooth finish.

Decontamination is not carried out frequently under normal driving and storage conditions.

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