Step 5 – Protect

Step 5 – Protect

Step 5 – Protect

There’s no use working so hard to get a vehicle looking amazing, just to skip out such an important step in the car detailing process, and have the elements ruin the finish after the first drive. Choose your protection!

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Sealants are chemically engineered products designed to “Seal” in the finish that has been achieved through your correction process. They will also have the added benefits of enhancing the gloss levels and producing a sharp, clean finish. These products contain different polymers, resins, and synthetic agents to give increased durability when compared to traditional wax.


Car Waxes have been around in one form or another since the early days of the car. Although technologies have changed, the basic ingredients have largely remained the same. These products usually contain a percentage of carnauba wax alongside other blends of waxes and in recent years synthetic bases have been added to boost durability. Typically found in either hard-paste or liquid forms, waxes offer a warm wet look finish that some people prefer.

Applying Wax

Applying wax to a freshly cleaned, and polished vehicle will help to protect it against all kinds of dirt and debris, including tree sap, brake dust, and rainwater. By forming a uniform layer on the top surface of the paint, car wax acts as a barrier layer that is waterproof and contaminant proof, preventing acid rain from damaging the actual paint and helping to prevent tree sap and brake dust from fusing to the car. Aside from protecting vehicles, car wax can also bring out the shine and boost the overall appearance of a vehicle. Available in liquid, solid, gloss, and matt formulas, there’s no excuse for any vehicle to be without it.

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coatings offer the ultimate in terms of protection. Available in LITE and PRO versions, offering 3 and 5 year durability respectively. A Ceramic coating is the perfect protection option if you require minimal maintenance but long lasting protection. Some of the advantages of Ceramics are as follows:

  • Chemical and mechanical (abrasion) resistance
  • Superb gloss
  • Highly hydrophobic
  • UV Resistance
  • longest lasting protection
  • Easy to clean
  • Swirl resistant



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