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Step 6 – Finish

Step 6 – Finish

Step 6 – Finish

The final step in the 6 steps of the detailing process is aptly named finishing and involves adding those final touches that can make all the difference.

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Quick Detailers  

Products usually used at this stage of the process are Quick detailers to add a quick boost to gloss levels on paintwork or revive the water repellent properties of previous waxes or sealants.

Exterior Dressings

Dressings can also be classified as finishing products; these can include tyre dressings and trim dressings. Dressings are available in high gloss finishes or factory-fresh-looking matt/satin dressings.

Glass cleaners and Sealants

Another aspect of finishing your detail is to ensure that you have clean and protected glass. This can be in the form of a glass cleaner or a glass polish, with protection coming from a dedicated glass sealant or a hydrophobic glass cleaner for a convenient all in one solution.